Wednesday, September 9, 2009

voice from the back seat

Picked Crunch up from school today. i love our Christian pre-school! A voice from the back seat of the van asks, "mom, does God make us happy?". i was so touched by this engagement in conversation by my four year old regarding our LORD! wow, just one day at school and he is asking about God! maybe it is finally sinking in! this might be THE moment that he understands enough to talk about his need for a savior! (must be careful with this answer) "yes, sweetheart! he does make us happy! when he lives in our heart he gives us JOY and all you have to do is ask Him to live in your heart....and.." i continued to talk until i heard my little man pipe up with another question, "mom, are turtles strong?"
it's all about planting seeds right?
i had to laugh really.

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