Friday, February 10, 2012

the kids have changed! so has the "house"

peanut, butter and crunch have GROWN and changed a good bit!  Peanut is definitely "teenagery".  butter is still REALLY into soccer, but also has been into watching and learning the game of football.  he LOVES TIM TEBOW, and now practices throwing and kicking the football with his left hand because "tim tebow is a lefty"!  crunch, well, he is learning to read and it is fun to watch him grow and make new friends.  he is developing an interest in sports, SO, for the THIRD time, i signed him up for soccer.  this time, i pray he does something other than stand there and pick his nose.  the past two times we had him in soccer, we quit taking him because he was just rolling all over the field (literally), while the coach was trying to "coach".  the ADHD meds wear off at 2pm so there is NO controlling him after that.  we hope that this go round will be different because he actually wants to play!  i will keep yall updated on that!

peanut, almost 11!

butter, 8 yrs.

crunch, (mug shot) 6 yrs.

things are all together going well with our family.  times are hard, because raising kids is hard.  BUT, God gave them to bert and me.  we are enjoying the "fun" aspects of the kids!  i have had to do some "restructuring" of the "house rules".  well, in actuality, we now HAVE "house rules" and we are sticking to them!  the kids do not know what hit them, but our house is running smoother, and happier!  it is true what they say about people needing boundaries or they wander around like lost sheep.  clarification:  we did have rules.  they were just never written down for the kids to see, and we were not CONSISTENT with them. 
we have cut out all of those "teen" shows and cartoons.  you know the ones.  they really are not healthy for the kids.  i was pretty blind to this for a long time UNTIL i realized that the kids (namely peanut) were mimicking the terrible attitudes of a lot of these characters on the shows.  i have noticed that peanut is no longer "rolling her eyes" at me.  AND, her attitude and happiness at home is much better.  SHE LIKES THE RULES!  crazy!  i know!  we allow 1 hour of tv a night.  we end up watching more "discovery" type shows.  those can be a little hairy at times, so i make sure to watch with them.  i am going to have a talk with the producers of IDOL because of steven tyler's language!  it has to stop!  it is one of the only shows that we watch as a family.  he (and i DO love him) is ruining our "family" show!  
all in all, things are going well here in the "ham"!
off to paint!