Sunday, November 22, 2009

my hairdresser is a european GENIUS!

my hair has been falling out and growing back in in spots for SIX years now. alopecia areata is like a little annoying half sister. it is only half part of me...i am stuck with it... the chances of it going away are slim to none and i have learned to embrace it... i know this monster so well that i can read the signs of a flare up and i know usually how to combat it. usually when i need a haircut and color, my "spots seem more pronounced and bother me more. also, when my hair gets long and scraggly i am more prone to notice and be all the more involved and annoyed. last week, i promise i had a pair of kitchen scissors to my hair and i was going to just chop it myself! my better judgement stopped me and i said, no, go see monica AND SHE WILL FIX least superficially.
i always feel like a MILLION bucks after leaving her salon. she makes me feel pretty and i am AMAZED at how she can make my hair look like i actually have a whole head full! click on the title of this post to see monica's salon. everyone that works there ROCKS and i would trust my nappy hair to anyone there! it is just that monica and i have this vibe! she is so euro-chic cool and one time she successfully rocked a mullet. so, i love her!

a day after my visit this week, i met a boy named Treavor. he was bald. all but one eyebrow and half of another. turns out that Treavor has been this way since he was 5 and now he is 12. this kid was great looking. i knew he did not have cancer when i saw him, his head was a tan as his face and he was not bloated. he also had that one dark eyebrow and a big spot missing out of the other. of course i just walked up to him and asked him if he had alopecia. not a word many people recognize. he lit up, yes, i do, he said. we talked for a while. i shared with his family and him about my situation and we also talked about him. i told him about the blog so i am PRAYING that he comes on and reads it so here goes....

TREAVOR, we talked about you shaving off your eyebrows. maybe some tattoo brows. i have been thinking about you. i think you should do it! you are so handsome and i know that every time you look and touch those brows you think about what you don't have on your head. you are a great kid, i could tell when i met you. no holding back! see what great adventures God has in store for you. it says in Matthew that "even the very hairs of your head are all numbered" God knows every hair and has allowed them to go, you are still you! and God has a purpose for your life. share with people. they want to know more about you i bet. they probably don't know how to ask. tell them what is going on. be open and it won't be a mystery. you could get your hair back. if it is the will of the Father. if not, ok...just work with it and trust in Him. if you have never asked Jesus into your heart, then go for it! he will come in and... WOW. talk about adventures? "behold, i stand at the door and knock" he waits at the door of your heart. let Him in and you will FOREVER have a Father in heaven and will live with Him for all eternity. this is why he sent his only son to PAY the debt of our sin to the Father. to stamp PAID IN FULL on us and love us forever. never seeing our sin, but only the love He has for His children. Pray this prayer: Lord Jesus, you died for me so that i might know you. i need you because i can't be "good" no matter how hard i try, i need you, who took my place to come into my heart and dwell there with me so that i will never be alone. in Jesus' name, Amen.
i will be praying that this letter finds you!
your balding friend, Liz

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