Monday, September 21, 2009

my debit card must have been stolen!

Bert is having a hernia. not really, but if he pushes too hard out of his eyeballs i am afraid he will. when i spoke with him this afternoon he was HOPING that the debit card had been stolen. this would be a more logical reason for all of the charges on the debit card.

just last week he was complaining that the children need to be more "extracurricular". i took this to mean that they need some after school activities like sports, dance.... "whatever," he said, "just SOMETHING! they need to be doing sports and stuff that makes them more 'well-rounded'."
SO, i signed the boys up for soccer. they are on the same team and they both need soccer shoes, black shorts, black socks, and shin guards. i have access to everything BUT the socks and shin guards. so, i purchased those at the sporting goods store. I ASSURE YOU, i looked for all of these at the thrift store to no avail.

I signed Peanut up for "Theatrical Dance Class"! how perfect for our DRAMA QUEEN! and it works well because we are carpooling with another little girl on the street. convenience, Drama, and dance...winning combo! i just neglected to ask how much the class is until i had already committed her to it. and, hey, i am not going to SHORT my child a chance at experience and "extracurricular well-roundedness!"
the dance class requires jazz shoes, a leotard, and dance pants (seems so simple).

Frannie the dog has seemingly developed some form of balding head mangy dog situation and her eyes were all gooped together so i had to take her to the vet to be de-manged, de-gooped, and "expressed" for good measure. she is a member of our family and i am not going to just let her be all nappy and sick! (she is 13)

final tally of day
vet: $60
jazz shoes: $29
leotard: $5 (i scored these at the dance studio in their gently used box! the only deal of the day
dance registration: $30
1st month tuition: $50 expected each month for nine months!
shin guards and socks: $34
Total: $208
For some, this would not seem like a lot. But, when your husband is not expecting this on a rainy monday during a recession. the stress induced grumpiness takes over and it looks like we will be having canned chili for dinner.
i do have wine. APF (already paid for)

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