Sunday, May 30, 2010

blue snuggie

my blue snuggie is a fort!

can't seem to upload a video

i updated my blogger format and now there is no icon for uploading videos. i can't seem to figure it out. i want to share the video i promised. the injections for my alopecia. i am working on it. i know y'all are all just DYING to see me get scalp injections! i bet some of you are VERY grateful that i have not posted that! ooooh. but the curiosity is worse....isn't it?

what in the sam hill is this??? but it works you know!

if ANYONE can tell me what this thing is that i found at the thrift store, i would be grateful. for now, it is a jewelry holder. it spins, like a lazy susan. i have thought... it's some sort of handmade server..... no, too dirty. what about a candle holder?..... well, that does not explain the bowl in the middle. i am lost. can anyone I.D. this item so i know what i am keeping my jewelry in. pretty nifty though huh?
p.s. as i wrote the word jewelry i remembered one of my pet peeves......people that say JEWLERY! UGGGGG!!!! look at the word and then say JEWELRY! whew, so glad to get that off my chest.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

owls for little girls bedroom!

one of the cutest kids in America!

trying to keep "dark" colors to a minimum for this very feminine girls room was a challenge

my rules: dark colors are put on the canvas first. as you work your way "off " the canvas...use light colors
dark colors push back
light colors bring forward
my background began as a dark umber and then a blue and finally white over the top of the blue. i mixed the white in just enough so that you see a little blue but it ended up a VERY light and feminine look.

5 HOT MAMA's yard sale over!

i woke up to thunder, lightening and about 1 hour before the yard sale was supposed to begin. we decided to have it inside the house!! we moved all of my furniture etc out of the living room and off of the mantle. pushed it into the dining room. then we hung up sheets in the doorways to keep people contained, and set up the tiniest BIGGEST yard sale ever. of course it would have been MUCH more successful had we had a sunny day but the KEY was that I GOT RID OF STUFF! 
Trace brought baked onion dip pie stuff. and we ate
i held several little mexican babies!
a bottle of Tiffany perfume was stolen
we were "nickel and dimed" to death
i made off with some great "trades" with the other moms participating
the charity got A LOT of stuff donated to them


pretty clever i thought!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

what we've been doing!

a garage sale! i am completely exhausted as i have given my house an ENEMA! i am typing with my eyes closed! here are photos from today and tonight .

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

injections in my scalp!

is it weird that i actually look forward to going to the dermatologist to get injections in my scalp? i am still battling alopecia areata. it is a pain but it is part of my life. i have not [in almost 7 years] had a "spot free" full head of hair it has not bothered me in a while until i have had very little hair on the sides of my head for months? this, to me, is sort of a little warning sign of times to come. i know that there is an EXTREME possibility that i will lose all of my hair sometime in my life. this is ok. for real....i am almost ok with this possibility. i feel the Holy Spirit calming my anxiety about it. i have never been an "average" person. oh except for my grades...those were "average". but, besides that. nope. not average. height? above average. weight? probably below average. style? ABOVE AVERAGE BABY. personality? above (i've been told). three autoimmune disorders? not average.
so, here i my not average doc appointment to have some shots that i look forward to (because they will help grow hair!). and i plan on photographing the event for you junkies! not, needle junkies (please get help if that is a problem for you). i hope to video it, actually.
i will bring a baggie of m&m's for crunch. it will keep him occupied.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

razor burn trick. for girls only!

ok, summer is here! bathing suit time is here. whether we like it or not. and unless you are a glutton for punishment and love "modern day torture" by waxing... i have a great trick to combat razor burn that works for me. after shaving, instead of using lotion.....[wait for it]......USE HYDROCORTIZONE CREAM (over the counter) like cortaid. it works for me. hope it helps you girls!!

sunny day, ice cream sugar energy!

too wet and too early for a prom picture!


two boys woooing a cute girl.

crunch's bff! eatin some superman ice cream

Monday, May 24, 2010


ok so a friend of mine shows up to pick up a painting and banks answers the door in the buck! then he walks right out and yells out to her son, "hey campbell!" and he goes on and on (naked) talking to "campbell" who's name is not campbell. when does embarrassment start? because this kid can have a buck naked conversation with someone, get their name wrong, come inside, ask for some pudding, and move on to the next thing.

still waiting on PHOEBE!!

phoebe's kennel cough has gotten better, but the fever is up again. SO there she her cage....with what they suspect is pneumonia. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! we miss her and we do not even know her yet!! oh, forgot to mention that she is eating like a horse! that is a good sign!

welcome augusta, ga

welcome augusta! you searched for "funky grits" and ended up on my blog! hope you like it and come back! i wish i had a funky grits recipe but might i encourage you to search "city grocery, oxford, ms." for the best shrimp and grits EVER. i think they share their recipe! it is HOT STUFF!!

breakfast this morning

"gimme those mini wheats..gimme those wheatssssss"

up since 6:30 peanut had already eaten

waffles for butter.

new features on my blog

check out my new "artwork" tab where you can view a BUNCH of my artwork. all of which is long gone and sold. stay tuned for a new tab "paintings for sale"
also a tab on "thrift store finds". just fun stuff that i have found, junking!
these are on my home page.
see some artwork you like? don't be afraid to commission me. message me your e-mail address which of course i will not publish, but i will get back with you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

so grumpy. a terrible poem that rhymes

i wish i was not so grumpy.
bert and the kids do too
but if EVERYTHING worked as planned
i would not act like a poo

times go by and everything is good
then kids gives me a hard time
more than they should

i pray to the Lord EVERY DAY
for help from him is free
i don't have to pay

but when i think about my life
and how everything seems to go wrong
i am reminded of my favorite song:

" i know the Lord is nigh, i would but cannot pray.
for Saton meets me when i try, and frights my soul away, and frights my soul away...
help my unbelief, help my unbelief, help my unbelief"
my help must come from thee

Help my Unbelief a must listen.

Friday, May 21, 2010

peanut bubble crunch

thrifty find, turned multi use painting

i found this old "altar" style frame with a picture of Jesus in it. it has a small light bulb that lights up a semi-old print of someones idea of what Jesus must have looked like. NOW, if you have read my blog before you KNOW i love Jesus, just not old prints of him. i mean, i don't DECORATE with them. anyhoo, i flipped the print around and did a little painting of peanut on the beach. i thought it turned out cute and now i use it to hold all of my jewelry. strange? maybe, but it is better than hanging "bling" all over the Jesus alter. now, it is just a cute jewelry hanger that happens to light up over peanut on the beach. it actually resembles sunlight... cute.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


i want to welcome some junkies from far far away~ wecome: Boston, New Jersey, Minnesota, Lithuania! i have a junky from London, Peru, and even Africa!!
pass my blog around and we'll see how far it goes~!

snuggie fit for a queen

i got a "snuggie" for mothers day. the amazing phenom of television marketing..the blanket with arms? if you do not know what i am talking about...YOU GET OUT TOO MUCH and do not watch enough t.v. sheeeesh! get with the "program" ha! it actually works for me in the alabama heat because the house is cold from the air conditioning. ANYWAY, one is supposed to wear the snuggie turned around backwards, and, just like in the commercial...sitting happily on the couch eating popcorn and hanging out with another model that you just met who is sitting with your actor kids. oh, no...not me. not me... i have WAY to much to do. today and most days i "rig" my snuggie for my ultimate comfort AND mobility. i turned the snuggie around to the front, grabbed my white velcro physical therapy belt(for my SI joint), and cinched that blue snuggie up as much like a robe as possible. NOTE TO SNUGGIE PEOPLE, MAKE ONE THAT FUNCTIONS AS A ROBE, HELLO? NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO (or can) SIT ON THE COUCH! you might be asking, "why does liz NOT just buy a robe?" the question makes perfect sense, but until you have slid yourself in this snuggie you can't compare ANY fleece to it! the feeling is ultimate yumminess!

PICTURE IT: early morning, snuggie cinched, but has a long "train" in the back and being dragged behind me is all of the things that collect under it. today, it was a leggo man, a dust bunny, and a cheerio. oh i am ROYALTY, a queen donning my snuggie with a train! my bobby pin sticking straight up from the night is my crown! my children are my subjects (sent off to school)! my 4 year old muse is still asleep, and when he awakens oh what fun he will be! my zit cream, the marking of a true beauty. my king, already at work for much construction estimating has to be done for this kingdom! my coffee, my Bible....hey, i am heading to the couch...almost there, almost there. until i hear the muse as he stirrs just in time... no snuggie couch time for this queen! there is work to be done! instant oatmeal?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

phoebe is sick

please pray that we can bring her home soon. she was running a fever of 103 degrees and i was unable to take her home today. very sad children and very sad me. pray that her fever goes down and whatever virus she has will disappear and she can come be part of our family soooon! we already love phoebe.

new painting for a dad of three boys!

puppies available at birmingham animal control

there are many more medium sized and bigger dogs! even a mean old pot bellied pig! a litter of brand new puppies, and tons of cats. the fee is only $80. but, be on your best behavior because Phil the adoption dude has named every animal there, loves them as his own and won't let them go without evaluating you, your home situation, and your love for dogs!!
there is also
and of course the local humane societies. shelby county and birmingham
they all seem to connect to alabama pet finder as well.

munchkin and phoebe

when i met phoebe, another dog caught my eye also. munchkin. phil, the adoption dude said, "that is the best dog here and NO ONE seems to want her...she has been here 4 months!" oh, my heart was broken, but when we got her out of the cage, she had WAY too much energy for me (duh, she has been in a cage for 4 months!). i felt sad but little did i know that one of my bff's would be at a pet supply store two days later (with her two daughters) and see munchkin and WANT HER! SO, i told them about how long she had been there yada yada...anyway they brought home munchkin yesterday. and after bathing her...shooooooooweeeeeee~! she happily resides with their other terrier mix and did not cry once in her kennel last night (duh, she's been in a cage for 4 months!).
here is the crazy part of the story: while my bff and her friend were at the shelter picking up the dog, they witnessed a lady and her son try to adopt PHOEBE! she said they were VERY UPSET. i have no idea how this has happened since i have been in contact with them for almost two weeks now.

here is one theory of how this happened:
there is a MINUTE possibility that someone was reading my blog, saw phoebe, read the post that bert would not let me have her, and decided that they wanted her, (without checking the next post that he had changed his mind). i had called and claimed her. my paperwork was already in their system. she was marked as ADOPTED.
if you are one of my bloggers and you tried to adopt phoebe, i am so sorry that you were under the impression that she was still available. she is coming home and will be very happy. i am so sorry that your son was sad. this makes me SO SAD. my kids have been counting down the hours for phoebe's homecoming. i hope that you and your son will adopt one of the other precious dogs that need homes. posted above is a picture of munchkin and phil the adoption dude!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

she comes home tomorrow!

Phoebe WILL not have anything to do with a leash. i do not think she has ever been on one! i spent about 45 minutes with her yesterday at the shelter. she laid her head in my lap. she licked my face and hands. she needs a bath!! she is getting spayed this morning and tomorrow is the big adoption day. i have NEVER adopted an animal. i have always started from puppy age. pure bread. i have no idea what Phoebe has seen, where she has lived in her one year of life. if someone was mean to her. if she was treated ok. i do know, she loves kids and plays well with them, she needs a home, and it was love at first sight! she loves her name and answers to it. insert mini sermon aka "lermon" a liz sermon: i can't help but to draw a parallel and be reminded of Christ's love for us as i chose Phoebe, am removing her from her cage and a stinky place, giving her hope, saving her from immanent death, putting my name on her, paying a price for her. today she has to be spayed. will she understand that? no. is it for her own good? yes. will it be painful? probably. her little brain can't comprehend any of it. she can't understand, but i love her and she is mine. here is the parallel: Jesus plucked me from the muck and mire, choosing me, giving me hope in a hopeless world, saving me from a certain death and eternity in hell, putting HIS name on me "you are mine". Paying the ULTIMATE price for me, by replacing me on the cross for my sins, so i will never have to pay for them. my account has been stamped in His blood "PAID IN FULL". sometimes HE allows me to go through pain and suffering, for His Glory and my own good. i hardly ever understand WHY i am going through poop when i go through it, BUT i know He has a purpose "to prosper me, not to harm me". my brain is too small to comprehend that. sometimes His purpose is revealed to me and it is real obvious (sometimes it is not) after the fact or during the pain~ because He LOVES ME. i am HIS! DISCLAIMER: we are not dogs. i am not God. I just wanted to draw a parallel that i thought was interesting and helpful. GOD is WHOA SO MUCH bigger than my adoption of phoebe i love Isaiah 43: But now, O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you. O Israel, the one who formed you says, “Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. Isaiah 43:1-2

Monday, May 17, 2010

kindergarten painting

each child in butter's class participated in our class art project! i, of course was nominated to do the art project with them. never let anyone know you are an artist if you do not want to be responsible for class art projects. this one turned out great. i also did one for peanut's class and i will post it later. the parents went nutso over it and so did the teacher. i was very flattered and very proud of the class.
how the project was done:
i drew ovals across the canvas and each child had to paint within their oval. i then came around it with color and of course the tree limb. it was fun. but hard work. the painting was auctioned off for the school at the silent auction and went for more than $250! pretty exciting.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


told the kids about Phoebe the dog and we are all so excited! even bert!
we might have to change the spelling of her name to the more phonetic "feebie" because how can i explain to my son that P H O E B E spells feebie? hopefully we can pick her up in a couple of days!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

a conversation about God.

a facebook discussion between many "friends" ended with a question posed to me. a few of the other folks were actually denouncing God and using terrifying language that was pagan, at best, God-hatred at worst.

hmmmm....interesting...very very interesting... i like the term and the band "Blind Faith", for me..
how can any G-d allow children to be sexually abused/killed....and so me with that Liz..tough concept to swallow a pretty open-minded me see beyond these obvious ridiculous crimes on humanity and the presence or lack there of your/my G-D...thanks for your time and heart.

friend, i wish i had the answer to that question. but i don't. all i know is if something happens like that to me or someone that i love, i will have to trust in the sovereignty that He is in control of everything. it is BLIND FAITH because you can't see it or the answers but upon the fall of man in the garden, He allowed sin to enter the world. i can imagine that he STOPS as many horrible things from happening as well. we just can't know it because our brains are not capable of understanding his bigness and greatness. i have a friend that came to the Lord through the death of her infant child. all on the idea of "blind trust" she needed to know that we are not just floating around here without any purpose. God certainly does not sit up in heaven and say "gosh, i wish i could have stopped that, but its all free will for everyone!" He has purpose in it ALL. every bit of it. every bit. if we were 2 days old,could we understand organic chemistry? our brains can't understand His purposes. we are too small. Christianity is the LEAST narcissistic religion. it is not a self-based belief system. it is all about Him. i could not pay for my sins, which is death, so HE did, on the cross paying the penalty stamping my overdraft account "paid in full". it is ALL ABOUT HIM. a lot of other beliefs are about "what can my God do for me?" this is about what he has done for me, through me, and for His glory. "come to me, all who are weary and burdened and i will give you rest" Matthew 11:28
i do think you are the real deal!! thank you for your question. take some more up with Him. He will answer you in his WORD. reading John in the bible and Psalms is a GREAT way to start.

new painting

shay, my babysitter/friend that i pay. asked me to do a painting for her sister. she traded me hours of babysitting. it turned out really cute and her sister LOVES it!

lost owner is getting the dog!

bert told me this morning that we can have her! he had to mull it over, sleep on it and of course pray about it. Phoebe is her name and she is the cutest sweetest shyest dog. i am so excited and a little nervous about her meeting moss the dog and the kids. moss won't care, he is old and laid back (unless he is crossing hardwood floors!). we will see how everything goes. she still needs to be spayed before she can come home. Lord, i pray for this whole thing! please bless this decision. i pray that phoebe comes out of her shell and immediately bonds with us!

Friday, May 14, 2010

the jury might still be out.

bert and i talked. we made the kids stay inside and we went on the porch to "talk" about the dog. i wanted him to know exactly why i want her, he wanted me to know why he thinks it might be a bad idea. i understood his concerns, he understands my reasoning. despite the interruptions from the kids we had a pretty good talk. i am NOT going to get my hopes up, but i feel that because i explained myself to him and told him more about her, he MIGHT be interested in meeting her. we'll see. God knows what we can or can't handle. HE will work it out or take away my desire for a new pup.

lost owner not getting the dog

it's just not gonna work. i still want one though and i will keep hoping.

lost owner looking for dog

without authorization from my husband. i went to the animal shelter. my heart was broken by a sweet, timid, precious dog. prayer warriors...throw one up there for me. i want this little pup BAD. i won't show you pics for FEAR that someone will go and get her....she is so cute and calm and a little nervous. i am waiting on a response from bert right now...........3:40........ ok maybe a tiny pic

my little arteest!

my nine year old, peanut, is great at art and i am VERY proud!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

mexican squirrels?

oh yes, i said it....MEXICAN SQUIRRELS! i LOVE to feed my birds. i know what kind come to my feeders and i have even given them people names, there is "robber", "conan", "heidi"(who was tragically killed by a murderous cat),"red" and the twins. i do not name the doves because they don't deserve it. they are glorified pigeons. yes, i said that too. sqirrels are the greatest ALBATROSS to a birder like me. i can't stand them with a raging passion. they are little daredevils that can hang by one claw from a spiderweb to dip into your stash of delicious EXPENSIVE birdseed. you can even try and get one of those anti squirrel feeders. they can figure out those too. they can leap from 10 feet on your feeder...spilling all of the seed onto the ground and still manage to get a couple of bites out of the feeder. i really can't stand SQUIRRELS! my mother knows this, and in an attempt to help me, she shows up with a big bag of birdseed and two packets of something called "squirrel away". you mix this powder in with the seed. it covers each seed with a thin layer of CHILI PEPPER HOTNESS that squirrels HATE (supposedly). in fact, you have to hold your breath and wash your hands as you are mixing it into the birdseed because it is so potent that if breathed in, you are sent into a coughing spell. hand washing is also a must because just a little in the eyes will ruin your day. for a while this seemed to be working. i would do an evil "mwahahahaha" as i watched them one by one try the seed and then jump to the nearest branch and run their faces down the tree. but over the course of the spring, these scavengers have begun to LIKE the hot chili pepper! on any given afternoon there are 5 squirrels gathered on the ground under the feeder or trying to climb up to collect falling seed! they are having a mexican fiesta! i swear i heard one of them shout OLE' the other day. i even added more of the powder which has not stopped them one bit! i forgot to explain an important fact. the birds do not have taste buds so can't taste the hot chili! if ANYONE has any secrets to keeping squirrels from my feeders...BRING IT ON! BAMANOS!!!
click on this video below of one of my mexican squirrels prowling around my feeder!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


this is so bizarre. if crunch does not know someone's name or he is trying to get the attention of a complete stranger...he calls them "krickle". i have NO IDEA where this came from. "hey, krickle, i got this spiderman book...wanna read it wif me??"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

crunch did not steal any "special recipe" brownies

so, we were eating tonight and a group of twenty-somethings were right next to us. we...meaning the five of us and our friends and their two kids, were wrecking the ambiance of this peruvian/mexican restaraunt. but who gives a fudge if we were irritating anyone? i have found there to be truth to the "power in numbers" thing. anyhoo, as we were hanging out waiting for our food, i noticed a fresh homemade hot pan of brownies at the table next to us. hmmmm, [i thought quietly to myself] what kind of dessert can you get here? a whole stinkin pan of brownies? so i leaned in toward them and noticed that they had a light brown coating on top. hmmm? [i thought to myself] those look "funny" and why are there greenish parsley like flakes in them? but i am sure they were simply butterscotchy herbalish brownies. EVERYONE is so into natural ingredients right? i am so sure of it.. the more i THINK about how sure i am of it makes me even more sure of it. anyway, i was leaning toward them and a big guy at the table next to us about did a jamoca twist shake to grab the pan before i got too close. WOAHHHH BIG FELLA! i was just checking them out. sorry i got a little TOO close. i'm not gonna eat your brownies, dude. just lookin'. sheeeesh!

let us just fast forward through the painstaking evening, you know? the same evening we have with our friends over and over HOPING it will be different this time. we TRY to have adult conversation at one end of the table and the kids inevitably interrupt us with EVERY question, whimper, whine, and grumble..."Mommmmmmm, how come they do not have shirrrrly temmplessss heeeeeeeeere???...whyyyyyy can't i have a coke?.....telll brother to stttop botheringggg me!...he is THROWING SPITBALLS AT ME...THROUGH HIS STRAWWW!!!!"
it is funny really, as they grumble, we tend to guzzle. LORD, please help this margarita to do what it needs to to CALM my nerves. please?

SO, as we are collecting our stuff to leave, i am sipping the last of my margarita, i see crunch running away from the pan of brownies, WITH HIS MOUTH FULL! oh yes, he swiped a whole brownie and was taking cover when i caught him. my friend and i looked at eachother, then to the other table.........who was chatting it up and never saw crunch. FYEWWWWWWWWWW! [i said to myself again] i gathered him quietly and we made our way to the exit. as we were leaving, my friend said to me..."what if those were 'special' brownies? they sure did look kinda weird."
so, there is a very tiny chance that my child had a psychodelic brownie? such a small chance that it is not EVEN worth blogging about it. so i won't. i will not jump to any crazy conclusion that these college twenty somethings with nothing better to do on a tuesday night then to go out and have peruvian/mexican, margaritas, coronas, and their own special homemade brownies. i will not even second guess my decision not to outright ASK the group if they were just regular greenish fudgie love filled brownies. we just ran away and i am pretending that nothing happened. cuz it didn't.

never ever

never EVER in my months and months of blogging have i had a post have as many hits as the post about my sister moving to madison, mississippi (see post below). i watched my "feedjit" as people from EVERYWHERE signed on to read about this. wow. i can only think that maybe people sent it to other people that know paul and em. or just everyone on my facebook responded when i said i had a new post. i do not know. but, wow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

madison, mississippi

my sister is moving. she and her family and our "beau" are moving to madison, mississippi. my heart aches. i mean... she is MY emily. i do not like to share her. i have never liked to share her and it was hard enough when she got her own life, got married, had kiddos also, and then had this whole new set of friends in birmingham. emily does not need me. contrary to my past beliefs. she can handle it. her life. her life of joy and great difficulties. she has these three beautiful children, a wonderful husband, great friends, a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and an illness of her own...ulcerative colitis, and possibly some other autoimmune disorders. ok now i feel like crying a little.
God works bad things for good. FOR HIS GLORY...and if you can listen to him [excuse me] if you WILL listen to Him...BIG SHOCKER...wait for it...HE BLESSES YOU!
wow. OK so, how is all of this a blessing? I don't know?
will we ever know? well, sometimes the blessings show themselves as REAL OBVIOUS.
for example: you follow the Lord's leading (through prayer and petition) and He opens doors. they are just flung wide open. so obvious that if you do NOT go through the door you would be a darn fool!
insert mini-sermon here:
now, because this is my hot button...BLESSINGS DO NOT ALWAYS COME IN THE FORM OF GREAT JOBS, BIG HOUSES, HEALED ILLNESSES, AND UNBELIEVABLE WEALTH............... [i KNOW! isn't that weird? because that is not what is being preached from some pulpits or on tv in massive "amen" whispers and shouts in dome stadiums?
here is their formula:"trust REAL HARD while naming and claiming God's word TO HIM or better yet AT HIM (the king of the universe)in the LORD with all your heart [wailing, naming, claiming and FEEEEEEELING REALLY FAITHFUL] and lean (only) on your own understanding. in ALL YOUR WAYS acknowledge HIM [and what HE is going to do FOR you] and He will put you on that path that you asked for in the FIRST PLACE!!!
sounds GREAT. but.'s just not biblical.
the passage actually goes (notice i call it a "passage" not a "formula"?
Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean NOT on your own understanding. in all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make your paths straightProverbs 3:5-6

ok, so back to paul and emily and their move to madison, mississippi. paul trusted in the Lord as to what they are to do and they are following His will. YOU CAN'T IMAGINE ALL OF THE THINGS THAT HAVE FALLEN INTO PLACE TO COMFORT THEM...AND US (FAMILY) IN THE PREPARATION FOR THIS MOVE!
job, location, house, school, family reactions, friend reactions....there is not one SHRED of a reason that this move should not happen. yes, their are still details to be hammered out. i am SURE that their will be tears, discomfort, fear, anxiety, doubt...but the Lord promises us that he will hold everyone through it.

OH, i will miss them. the idea that i can drive 15 minutes and be with them will be gone. the cousins will not be able to have "play dates" etc. birthday parties will require a commute rather than an afternoon carved out of the calendar.
i will hate watching my mother miss them. and most of all...i will miss beau. this part makes me cry. Em and i can talk on the phone anytime. we can send pics back and forth. but i can't watch beau run and jump and play. EMILY, you better get a good video camera! a you tube account maybe?

"sing praises to our God sing praises...sing praises to our King sing praises. for He alone is Lord, for HE alone is worthy of PRAISE. ohhhh SING PRAISES."
-third day

i will choose to praise the Lord in all things. the ONE in control of ALL things. without Him... life is meaningless.

important side note: Beau will continue to come to Children's Hospital at UAB for his incredible doctor!

ps. neglected to mention that KATE one of my other sisters (the bilingual, funny one) is moving to Honduras for like TWO years! more on that later!

once upon a zit

i love my mom and sisters

kate: bilingual, missionary, funny, without a filter
sara: dancer, wife, artsy, decorator in training, fashionista
mom: jokester, caring, loving, devoted grandmother, mother and wife
emily: wife, the best mom, caring, devoted, laughs at mine and kate's jokes
me: ? you should know me by now.

Friday, May 7, 2010

junk10 grits, dolphins, and owls

a long overdo apology to all of my OLE MISS tri delt friends. i am sorry about the owls. i know that i am not a chi-o but let's face it....owls are cuter to paint than dolphins. it is just the truth. and,well, they sell....ok? SO SHOOT ME! it comes right down to that. i do plan on painting Faulkner's house, possibly square books. or more importantly...a bowl of shrimp and grits.
note to fellow artists: if anyone steals the shrimp and grits idea that i have just come up with i will throw a dolphin painting at you....and it WON'T BE PRETTY.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 owls

these owls along with some of my other paintings will be PERCHED tomorrow (may 8th)on their own wall at the LAMBS EARS in birmingham! 205-969-3138
they will be available tomorrow. who knew my owls would "take off" like this! HA!