Tuesday, September 1, 2009

stop and smell the rose

ok. it has GOT to be time for summer to end. one more week until Crunch starts pre-school. three days a week and i will have total freedom until 1:00 mon. wed. fri. i have enjoyed this summer as much as i ever enjoy the dog days of no schedule, no childcare, and extreme HOTNESS. it is time for the maniac to go to school and spread his "maniac-ness" for two unsuspecting teachers to deal with. let me give you an example of what they are up against: we ran into a friend at a neighborhood BB-q joint on our walk today. while i was talking to my friend, Crunch got down on the floor of the restaurant and BIT my friend on the ankle! HE IS FOUR, mind you, not two. i apologised profusely, said goodbye and went next door to the pharmacy. i got some medicine and Crunch STOLE an "airhead". i made him take it back, ask for forgiveness and then he jumped on his trike and rode away. no remorse!!
on our walk together, i found a rose that is so beautiful i had to go home and return with a pair of scissors and cut it. fortunately i know the homeowners and they have moved from the house and these roses are just sitting there waiting to be cut. i am reminded to stop and smell the rose, photograph it and enjoy God's beauty. and of course remember that my precious ankle biting, shoplifting kid was made in His image!

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