Thursday, December 25, 2014

Finishing and Starting Christmas

The last few days have been dreary and depressing. Rain has seemed to flow like tears from a grieving sky. I haven't been able to help but think of sad circumstances affecting people that I know right now. Last night, the fire orange sunset seemed to give hope to the dreariness. This morning, God showed His sweetness with the clear sky and then the sunlight. I went on a walk after gifts had been opened and and It seemed to rejuvinate my soul!  A fresh air inhale gave way to hope and an exhale of stress seemed to fall back behind me as I walked. I realized that this was the first time in a month that I have been stress free. It is sad that I have done this to Christmas once again.  I have let stress and clutter dictate my demeanor and outlook.  Why? To keep things "even" on Christmas morning for the kids? To get it all done? To hurry up and finish Christmas so I can enjoy Christmas?  LORD, help my unbelief!  I STILL don't get it. It seems like I never will grasp this "grace" thing. How can I ever accept this free gift of grace if I don't even show myself enough grace to be ok with needing it?

Next year my plan will be to not let "Christmas" get in the way of Christmas. Maybe by then I can figure out how to be perfect. Or I can realize my imperfection from the beginning, show myself grace, and pray for the One True God to GRACIOUSLY show me the way. 

Merry Christmas to you!

(And to me also)

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

2 Cor. 5:21

Monday, December 1, 2014


I would normally make this a Facebook post but I'm going to try just blogging it instead. 
I love celery! It is weird that I love it so much, but put me in a room full of food and I tend to grab for the celery because I LIKE IT!  Not because I'm "watching my weight". (People always watch what I'm eating which makes for another post altogether). Anywayyyyy:
We have celery in the fridge and I chomped on a few pieces yeaterday and I got one of those string things caught in between my WISDOM tooth and molar. I had been doing that crooked suck face all day trying to dislodge it.  Like this:
Nothin....My tongue started to wear and tear from jamming it in between my teeth so much. I tried using a combo of my thumb nail and my tongue. Then I jabbed the roof of my mouth with my nail so I was bleeding. I was in despair and utter frustration when a tiny lightbulb popped up: TWEEZERS!! I remembered using tweezers before to get something out of my teeth! Because they can grap the tiniest end of a particle and pull!  I looked at my 13 year old and said, "Where are the tweezers?" Welp, she knew right where they were in the boys bathroom on the sink (because that is the obvious place? NO, nothing is EVER in it's place which drives My husband insano). I ran and grabbed them...All the while, Peanut is watching me with this weird expression. She KNEW I had been trying to dislodge a celery string. It was like she was putting two and two together as to what I was going to do...about 10 seconds too late: 
 I put those tweezers in my mouth and pulled out a ginormous string! It was like a half inch long. I was holding it up in the light for her to see. I was proud of my trophy and wondered why it took me so long to use my trusty tweezers! "Look at that puppy! MAN! No WONDER it's been driving me crazy. I'm free!" I said. 
My daughter, God love her soul, says to me, "Mom, I hate to tell you this but I got POOP OFF OF THE BOTTOM OF MY SHOE, with those tweezers today. At least I THINK it was poop..." Then she put her hand out, like this would make me feel better, "it could have been something else though. It was really crusty." 
I have no words after she said that. Just silence.  
Moral of the story: put things where they are supposed to go and nobody will use your tweezers to flick poo out of their shoe. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thrift Store Fight

I had the golden ticket. I pulled the bottom half of the yellow $24.99 ticket on this totally quirky "mid-century" chair.  The thought crossed my mind that I ought to go tell the ladies up front that I had a ticket to a green chair in the back. But..I kept on shopping. Looking at everything!  I drive my own self crazy because it's like the "slots". As soon as I get up from this machine the next person that sits down is gonna hit jackpot! If I don't look through every rack then the next rack is gonna have that vintage Pucci top. 
The point is...I held on to the golden ticket for too long because this dude came in and picked the chair up and walked it to the front. He tried to buy it. But my girl up there knew that it was not "thrift store procedure" to sell something without a ticket. She told him the chair didn't have a ticket. At this point, the dude tried to buy it with cash in her face. He knew...ohhhhh he knew that this was a good chair and he had to get it before they called for the yellow ticket on the intercom. 
My girl came up and asked me, "you got a yellow ticket on a green chair?" 
I said that I did and I pulled the ticket out and jokingly told her, in a British accent, "I've got the golden ticket, Willy Wonka!" 
Well, this is when I realized I was being watched by one pissed off antique dealer (I knew he had to be bc he wanted this chair a little too much. Which made me want it even MORE!).  He went into a frenzy, saying that I should have to buy the chair right when I see it. He demanded to talk to the manager. 
Have I told y'all I have a temper?
I tried to hold back, but I failed. "HERE's MY $24 for the chair. Here it is!" Then this is when it got ugly... He gave me the evil eye and I looked right at him and said, "You win some, you lose some!" How mean (but true!) I was. I feel a little bad. We bickered back and forth a couple more times and he left in a stink. Then he called and talked to the manager over the phone. All while I was standing there. They had a rule and they stuck to it. This time it went in my favor.  I might be on the other side one day soon. Such is the life of a Junky. 
The chair is divine!

Monday, November 17, 2014

I've been locked out.

I've been locked out of my blog. Well, the door was there and I had a key, but the key had a password that I couldn't remember. When I would fiddle with it to try to create a new password, bla bla bla my DANG (I mean damn actually) old as crank, computer would lock up, sending me into a frustration frenzy and I would quit. I need a new computer badly so if you see Bert, please put in a good word. 
Peanut is 13, Butter is 11, and Crunch is 9!
I will give you a little update in pics because I don't want this to sound like a Christmas letter and I really want to start posting rants again and I have been dreading this "update" post! 
CRANK NUGGETS! I am 40! I like this photo bc my wrinkly smile isn't showing

My beautiful girl. Soccer, show choir, and socializing r her!

Butter is the most driven little athlete. And the hair! Really? 

Crunch(9) is still crunchy. Hilarious. He loves sports! Who knew?

I found a less wrinkly pic of me...and Bert looks pretty dang cute, right?

This is all the updating y'all need right? The rest I will fit in future posts! I'm excited to get back into blogging. 
This here Funky Junky needs it!
Whether y'all read or not. I get to vent and tell my stories, and all of Facebook doesn't see it unless they try to. It feels a little bit more private?? Haha I just said private! I've never been private. Maybe I'm changing because I am 40. Did I mention that?
This is me being shy and private. 
I didn't know this kid, but hellooooo, he had on a shark costume! FINS UP, baby!