Friday, September 4, 2009

kid sister available for marital bliss

"The Unmarried Sister". this tends to be the way that people (only those that do not really know her) refer to her. my sister, a 6 ft tall blond, blue eyed beauty had to walk down the aisle at our youngest sister's wedding. there are four of us. i am the oldest, my second sister is married with three kids, Kate, and then our BABY sister who is 9 years younger than Kate. The Baby was getting married and there we were standing next to her as "matron", "matron", and....."maid" of honor.
let me explain something. she had no issues walking down the aisle as the only one of the four not married and my baby sister as the bride. this was not the issue. the ISSUE was that she KNEW, being in the south, where everyone thinks they must wed before they are old enough to vote, that people were probably feeling SORRY for her. "OH poor KATE! i hope she can hold up during this. really she is such a DAHLING girl! oh, she'll find someone to marry one day! of course!
Just so you know Kate has had opportunity! she is simply waiting patiently for the right guy to come along! correction, she is VERY busy in her life and does not sit there and WAIT for someone to call her. she has been very content in her life. let me give you a run-down of what Kate does for fun and for a living and as a calling:
she has 2 undergraduate degrees
she has her masters in English as a Second Language
she started a ministry in a Hispanic trailer park where she lead VBS and bible studies
she teaches 4th grade
she taught spanish and is completely fluent in the language
she taught ESL for 7 years
she leads mission trips to the jungle of Peru
she has spent Christmas morning on the floor of an orphanage in Guatemala
she has a popular BLOG (see sites i likes)
she is an artist, selling her work, and doing well!
she plays the guitar
she is very involved in her church and is a leader there
she is the funniest person that i have EVER met!
oh, and she is a homeowner.
So, all that to say, Kate is not lacking in activities. she is very busy and has let God do the leading in her life.
a few months back, a tree fell on her house and she had to rely on Dad and Bert to "take care" of the situation. this is when she decided that she is "TIRED of being single!"

so, now i place this ad:

Single White Gorgeous Female waits for Handsome, God Fearing "reformed" Christian Male who loves to travel, especially to Spanish speaking countries, oh, tall would be nice. likes to laugh a LOT. willing to learn a little Spanish? (not required)
i place this ad without Kate's permission. she might kill me actually.
NEW DEVELOPMENT: Kate has responded to this post in COMMENT form. she wants to clear the air on a couple of things. check it.
NEWEST DEVELOPMENT Girl in the first photo dancing with Kate is also available for marital bliss. She is "waiting" for her prince charming as well but has the same criteria as Kate. her name is Amanda B.


  1. Question: Does this make kid sister look desperate?
    Answer: Yes.
    Question: Did kid sister know about this "advertisement"?
    Answer: No.
    Question: Does kid sister need some help in finding this tall, believing, Spanish-loving, gorgeous man?
    Answer: Yes.

    1. I am NOT six feet tall. Why won't anyone believe me?
    2. It's not Guatemala, it's GUADALAJARA! Sheesh.

    Liz, didn't I fire you? Or rather, didn't you quit me in exasperation over my "pickiness", as you call it? (I just call it decisiveness.)

  2. sheesh! that's the thanx i get for trying to marry you off? PS. you ARE 6 ft tall if you are an INCH!

  3. She is not 6 feet tall! She is 5'10 1/2" to be exact. sheesh!
    From your fellow amazon woman sister, Em.

  4. hi. i'm baby-sister, sara. i just wanted to comment so i wouldn't be left out. GO KATE! GETCHU A HUSBAN'!

  5. how did i end up in the photo op' of Kate's single ad? what about her best friend? her other single -co-heart- ..we must leave this lingering season together !!! or at least at a nearing time to the other.. and that's final.

  6. ok blake. i added you to the post. SHEESH!

  7. sheesh ! criteria sounds sooo outlandish ! but, hey, we'll go with it !

  8. In response to Sara's comment:
    NO, this is NOT "Go Kate, getchu a husban'".
    I am NOT out looking for a husband. In fact, when I think about it, maybe that's the problem.