Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a bald trick. my alopecia areata is acting up!

so, i have lost a good amount of hair on one side of my head. luckily there is hair that falls over it. BUT that hair is getting thin itself. here is a pictorial diary of how i handle this setback:

seems normal. BUT, if the wind blows, or if i tuck my hair behind my ears you can see baldness.

yikes! i know, it is freaky.

i found this on the internet and it is like an eyeshadow for your scalp.

(mine has been used A LOT)you are supposed to pick a color that is as dark as your roots and use the applicator

creating a "shadow" under my thin hair makes my scalp not as noticeable.

now i can even tuck my hair behind my ear!

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I have the same disease since october 2010 and it's not easy to live with that. Tomorrow I'm gonna décide with the dermatologist if I will take the steroid injection or not...