Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my Barret

my best friend from high school and my connection to the outside world is Barret. she is amazingly talented. we always knew it. of course she was the lead in all of the plays and had a way of stealing the show in every instance. we were the duo. always together. we did not become friends in the conventional way. we actually hated each other.
Barret had the AUDACITY to ask MY boyfriend to one of her sorority dances. he asked me if it would be OK if he went with her. i said, "fine...i guess?" and they WENT!!!!! omgoodeness! what a huss! then she started dating my boyfriend's best friend and we were forced together on double dates. RULE OF LIFE: boyfriends fade but girlfriends ALWAYS survive!
Barret and i were always front and center at every band party. dancing. always dancing. the two blonds in the front? oh, that would be Liz and Barret.
Garth Brooks',"shameless" and REM's,"everybody hurts" will always remind me of her.
She would sing with the house band at the ELEPHANT WALK i think it was "summertime" you know? and the liviiiinnnngggg is EEEEEEAAAASSYYYY".
i always knew that Barret would be something BIG. something different from me.
So off she went to Arizona to college and shortly thereafter to Los Angeles. she studied film making and made great connections. she has had film and tv roles and enjoyed success.
My FAVORITE thing is to see Barret in her own Brier patch...COMEDY! she is HILARIOUS and she stars as "Kate Maxwell" on the popular Internet series "My Two Fans" which has enjoyed a cult following. my personal favorite is her own series that she co-wrote, produced, and starred in, "Dating For DUMBASSES". i laugh at these shows on the internet every time i watch them. THEY are so BARRET!! her fingerprints are all over the place in these.
i love my friend. she is a california girl now. a fish in water. happy? she is so happy. she loves her friends, and her life. she also loves New York City. she THRIVES in NY! she is a voice for conservatives and has become pretty regular on "Red EYE" and "Hannity" (Fox News). Barret is VERY smart....far from a ditsy blond and i think she surprises those stereotypers! strong in her convictions. lover of the Lord. she knows that He has a plan for her life and it had been amazing to watch her grow in the knowledge of that. God WILL and HAS used her in my life and i know the lives of others.
Barret leaves a mark. you don't forget her. ever. if you meet her, she will not forget you either. she loves her family, with a stinging conviction. she prays for them, hopes for them and misses them. They remain in Alabama and she in LA and it will be that way. but, space is not always a bad thing. it draws you nearer, if you allow it to.
I miss Barret. i can click on her web shows to see her and i was able to watch her on "Ten Things I Hate About You" recently so i feel like i just saw her!
Barret is Peanut's godmother. so it is super fun for Bess to brag about her.
I am proud of her. can you tell?
click on the title of this post to see her videos

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