Friday, July 9, 2010

broken pinkie toe! what can you do?

well, apparently you can break it "good" enough to go to the doctor and have it "re-set". i tripped over a tricycle and looked down and my toe was numb and pointing sideways! barf! i laid on the ground and waited for crunch to "finish telling me a story" before he would listen to me tell him to get the phone. i could not walk so i called bert and "sweet thing" came home! an urgent care doctor did and x-ray to confirm it was broken and then he fiddled and pulled on it and then referred me to a foot doc! so, this morning (thanks to my dad that knows people...and has semi-bad feet himself) i went to the doctor (who fit me in right before his vacation!). he requested for his face not to be shown. but i photo'd everything else. the pic of me screaming is a retake. i was screaming to bad to actually photograph myself!

pinkie is pointing left! ouch!

whatcha gonna do? doc? whatcha gonna do?

oh, you are just gonna numb me up and then slide it into place? oh that is a big needle!

for the love of ayyyyyyyy*%&%^%$ (shrieking) STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now, you are just gonna slide it into place? ooh nice and numb! by the way, that needle was HORRIBLE!

that looks and feels MUCH better!

thanks for fitting me in! i feel much better. now you have fun on your vacation, silly monkey!!

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