Friday, July 30, 2010

always on

my friend owns the nickname "always on" after alagasco i think. doesn't matter...she is always on. she gets her kids to school on time and has their activities all organized. pre-planned and everything. i wish i had that nickname...but instead, mine should be "always a little off" i don't wear it proudly nor am asking you to call me this. i much prefer lizard or lizzie lu, what have you. but i am certainly anything but "always on".
is one born with the quality to be organized and "on"? i believe the answer is YES. BECAUSE, my sisters are that organized, have everything written down. two of them being teachers have that natural tendency to keep things in line because they are used to managing many children. i can't manage THREE. i am trying so hard. i really am. i try to be fun and playful but with consistant discipline. i have not mastered this. here is a little poem about my "offness"

make me a PBandJ ! they all say
ok just a minute.....
as the minute turns to minuteS i discover that the counter top needs wiping
oh how frightening (i have to rhyme somewhere right)
mommm, what about our sandwiches
ok ok i am sorry, mommy forgot again.
i get the PB out
oh, is that my cell phone ringing?
i hear it dinging (oh my gosh that is horrible but it rhymes also)
let me answer and i am reminded "PBand J" by my daughter
you know, you COULD make some
 yourself for your brothers and you since i keep forgetting what i am doing!
BUT MOMMMM, i want YOOOOOOU to make it.
so, i grab the jelly, and bread, TRYING SO HARD to stay focused.
"yap yap yap" my friend says on the line and fusses "HUSH, Cal i am on the phone!"
at least i know i am not alone. (threw another in there)
finally the sandwiches are finished and served!
YESSSS, task complete
now they can eat! (HA!)
has ANYONE seen mom's coffee?
yes, it is lukewarm from 3 hours ago but i still drink it.
trying to be frugal, butnot wanting to make more.
is this what life has in store?
God NEVER promised perfection i remind myself.
even those that claim they have it are tricking themselves.
perfection was only reached by one man alone.
God of flesh and bones behind a cave and stone.
fully God, and fully man. bust from the stone to bring life to us.
i CAN'T WAIT to hold His hand.


and he for sure IS "always on"!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

how to get rid of green hair!

Peanut's hair turns green in regular pools BUT for some reason it turns LIME GREEN in a local "salt water" pool that is supposed to be "better" for hair and skin. ??? makes no sense! i have heard that chlorine is not the actual culprit. it is another chemical. i might have to do some "investigative reporting" on this. but this post is HOW I GET RID OF THE GREEN IN PEANUT'S HAIR!! STEP BY STEP:

the subject. (the picture can't capture HOW GREEN her hair is)

ingredients: vinegar, shampoo, conditioner

get a container (of some sort) to put in the sink for the hair to hang into. this pot works great.

rinse and shampoo (the pot is not needed yet)

nope! shampoo alone won't help this green!

fill the pot with straight white vinegar. i filled it up halfway. put the child's hair down in it. cushion the counter top with a towel.

really get in there and scrub the hair with the vinegar.

let the hair soak.

maybe a book will pass the time.
about 5 minutes.

shampoo, scrub, and rinse! then apply conditioner because the hair will feel very dry! rinse.
(process might have to be repeated, depending on the amount of green in the hair)

definitely better!

she is SO happy! actually, i was happy!

look at the BEFORE again!:


this is not "trick" photography!

disclaimer: i heard about this from someone, i have NO idea why it works. it just works for us!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

have a heart

allison and a infant foster kitten

my friend allison has a non-profit organization called Have a Heart. she helps rescue cats and dogs using volunteer fosters who care for and eventually get the animals adopted. she had her fundraiser today and it was fun! there were a good many dogs with their owners and a brand new little kitten that meeeyowed like a little bird. the foster families that take their time and energy fostering these pets until they can find a home for them. they end up spending a lot of their time and resources helping the animals. so, hopefully allison made enough money today at her silent auction and raffle to offset a lot of costs for her foster volunteers. i had fun hanging out with the two rescued chinese cresteds and their owner. also, a pack of three great danes and a constant flow of four leggeds. i painted an owl for the auction (although i think a painting of cat or dog would have sold better!) but it sold and to a sweet girl. i also won my bidding war with no one for a 5 day puppy playcare for chi-weenie! he needs to be socialized more! and i won a raffle of a TON of small dog toys, bones, dog bed, kennel, kennel fan, and more. i was SO excited! you'd have thought I'd won the lottery because everything seems big when it is 100 degrees and you've had two Sangria's! ole'! everyone was looking at me like "chill girl, it's just a dog kennel with toys....sheesh.

mad little kitten!

the SWEETEST two Chinese Crested dogs

"great dane the mornin!" did you know the white ones are deaf? they sometimes get "discarded" by breeders because they can't make money off of them. this lady was using signing to talk to the dog.

snow camouflage!

my painting

to learn more about "Have a Heart" go to their website!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

back from camp!

6 days of camp
6 days of fun
6 days of no deodorant
6 days of new friends
6 days of no teeth brushing
6 days of wet clothes to wash
6 days of my girl growing older

crunch missed peanut!

together again!

new friends and old "one is silver and the other gold!"

good times!

that dance that everyone is doing? Ji Ho?

Friday, July 23, 2010

investigative reporting.

ok, i was going to leave this alone but i was thumbing through my incoming readers and where they are from and someone from KATHMANDU searched "sad facebook status" and ended up on my blog again. that is a LONG WAY AWAY. i am not sure i even know the exact location of kathmandu and i am just learning at this moment that this is how you spell it...but, why do you want to see sad facebook status'???? that DOES IT! i am googling it RIGHT NOW..............

ok. here is what i found. there are endless websites devoted to helping you write a facebook status. kind of like a social "coach" for what to say to get people to talk to you. there are also websites devoted to sad quotes and sad status's. maybe this is a way to get the attention that one might want. just by seeming a little sad or pitiful, you might just get some responses like "it's ok, buddy!" or "let me know what i can do to help you." or even "do you need a friend?"
there is even a website devoted to giving you a sad facebook status each time you visit to copy and paste onto your wall. the one i got was: "No matter how badly your heart is broken, the world does not stop for your grief."       um.  ok?
i am pretty sure "Eeyore" wrote most of these quotes. "it figures"

i think i would rather google "uplifting status updates" maybe it will help me recover from all of the sad things i hear and read.

for the heck of it Example of a SAD STATUS UPDATE:

Liz is: thinking about how much she misses the times that we had at the lake house before the recession hit and made us choose between IT and food........hmmmmm.


Our beautiful children. what a blessing they are. i realize that they might not be here to make our lives easy, or fun... although sometimes it turns out that way! God has plans for their lives. they are someones wife, husband, friend, mother and father etc. God has only "included" us in their lives.....they are on loan from Him. THEY are HIS!

new designer breed. the "chi-weenie"

one of REBEL's ears is sticking up and has been for 24 hours! i thought it was so cute until someone told me that the other ear will join it. so, i guess we know who mama's boyfriend was.....Julio the chi-waaa-waaaa!!
see, the mom was found with her litter of pups and she is a weenie. BUT, we did not know who the baby daddy was. they were suspecting a chihuahua. now, REBEL is for sho a "chi-weenie!" this is one funny looking brindle color chi-weenie.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

if you don't like it...change it!

i bought a piece of "art". i found it in an antique mall booth. i loved it (when i bought it)...named him "Oscar" and brought him home. i set him on my mantle...ummm, not so good. i put him in my bathroom...ummm, not so good either but it was a place for him to be. while taking a bath and looking at Oscar, i thought, [you could be a US swimmer!] cool? maybe? well, after receiving a better idea from my friend, my spidey sense was tingling! got my paints and the rest is "spidey-tastic!"
Oscar. before his make-over.

and AFTER!

"crunch" is going to have a hard time understanding this is "art". not an action figure! 
we will see how long it goes unbroken!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

welcome new junkies

welcome Helsinki, Southern Finland! you found me by searching "funky junky"? have you heard about this insanely popular blog all the way over there??
also, a warm welcome to Indianapolis, Indiana who searched "broken pinky toe" and ended up on my post about my broken widdle toe.... ohhhhhh i hope yours feels better soon! tape it to it's "buddy" toe next to it and it will heal up! pardon the pun (heal! ha.) oh my, is it getting late?

poopishair' means poopish hair in french.

poop. that is what my hair looks like. so, i am headed to the salon for monica to work her magic. my alopecia is rockin and rollin all over my head. bald on each temple (still) and bald spots sprinkled throughout. i will be amazed (again) at how she will help me look like i have a full head of hair! with "all over" color and a great cut. here goes! i'll show you the results. this picture is a good "before" shot. hair pulled back in a tiny pony and the rest covering the bald temples. FABULOUS! ug.

ok SO I went to monica at salon loba. i feel like a new woman. my hair was tired and drab. now it is bouncy and happy again. she is great. she said (in her accent) "lis i cood see yourr rooots comingg with yoo ven you come from thee carr!"
work your magic, woman!

i don't feel poopish anymore! now, just add make-up and some swanky earrings!

what else did we do in beaver creek?? a photo storybook!

we greeted mimi and gb with big hugs at the airport

we had fun biking from avon to edwards and then having lunch by the river!

daddy threw the kids around in the pool (which is probably their favorite thing EVER)

we fished at the lake in avon

drums at the kids symphony concert in vail

the kids were able to enjoy trying to play the instruments

even crunch was given a try

an awesome "date" fishing with my bert. oh and a really cool guide!

i got my toes done at the spa, sat by the pool at the hyatt and had some mom time! ahhhh!

crunch enjoyed spraying the hose with a real firefighter at the beaver creek friday night cook-out!

ice skating in the village! peanut's all time favorite!

to the 4 eagle ranch for some horseback riding and lunch

zip line tour

beaver creek rodeo....PS. that is NOT crunch (surprisingly enough!)

saying goodbye! thank you for the AWESOME time!