Thursday, September 3, 2009


i just finished this painting of a long hair chihuahua. his name is "ROCCO" and he is very masculine! so masculine that i painted him in a field of flowers. he is a funny little dude. it is amazing how precious animals are to us. this one especially has been a huge comfort to my friend. she lost her husband to cancer not even a year ago. they shared Rocco as their "child". she is moving from her home to live with family in another state, while she prepares to put new roots down. she leaves the home they shared, but takes with her the little animal that they both adored. one day, when the dog is no longer with us, she will have the painting to remind her of little Rocco, and the time that she and her beloved husband spent here. a time when all things seemed right with the world. a new chapter is beginning for my friend, her little dog and a world of possibilities. broken hearts do heal but they never forget. bless you my friend!

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