Friday, September 25, 2009

bathtime with a turdlet

So I had a chance to take one of those "I am cold and it would feel good to take a hot bath" baths. It was about 4:00 today. The older two were at friends houses and Crunch was watching a show on TV so I went for it! HOT bath and a book. I could hear the TV and the doors were latched. I was reading about Skeeter and Hilly and Minnie and all of the drama that is beginning to unfold in the novel, "The Help". I look up as Crunch comes into the bathroom and decides to "get in with mommy". Of course I secretly LOVE baths with my babies although it makes Bert insanely jealous! I try and tell him that he takes up a little more room in the bath than the little ones and his idea of a "bath toy" is ME.
So, Crunch is in the bath and he starts splashing around and singing and what not. I decide it is time to do the hair washing segment of my bath time. I wash my hair and rinse by going under water which is partially entertainment for him. He thinks it is funny, watching the bubbles rise from my nose. i rinse and repeat and then settle back into my relaxed position with my book. It is at THIS MOMENT that I see the "shadow".
What the heck is that? Is that a rock? OH no. PLEAAASSSSEEE don't tell me that is a turd! I grabbed it with my hand (don't ask me why) and realize it is POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS! i have just swam with the turds. I jump out of the bath and into the shower to RE-BATHE myself. POOP has invaded my life and now my bath time.

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