Sunday, September 27, 2009

everybody wants a piece of me

everyone wants a piece of me. i think they probably just want me to SIT DOWN. this way they can be next to me, watch TV, and feel my warm cozy mommy arms around them. i, on the other hand, want to just be left alone to do the things that i need to do! THAT IS SAD! all they want is to be near me and i just want to get the laundry put up? one day sooner than i think, i will be sitting and they will be too busy to sit next to me. i will just want to feel their warm cozy arms around me and they will be too busy.......................Bert wants me to sit down with him and i need to STOP BEING TOO BUSY! busy never goes away. it will be here for me later on and on. i am going to sit down now. with my husband. no computer. just cozy arms.

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