Wednesday, September 30, 2009

she made it home!

Frannie made it home after a vacation from us. After getting out of the house without my knowledge, frannie the dog was hanging out in the neighbor's yard/gutter-ish area. a nice young lady drove by and stopped to see if she was ok. not having on a collar and looking pitiful like she does made the girl think, "must. save. dog". So, she gathered fran into her car and took her home with her for some kibbles and playtime with her FOUR rescue dogs! needless to say, frannie was not even the least bit excited to be home. well, maybe a little. her tail wagged like this.....swish swish.
here is how i found her:
i called everyone in the city, posted on facebook, had a chat with my best friend the "dog catcher lady" who told me to register the dog with Alabama Pet Registry as a lost dog. then, she told me to make flyers and do about five other things... SO, i made flyers and put them out around the immediate area, with peanut who had about 102degree fever.
as it turned out, while I was posting my lost dog ad, she was posting her found dog ad, and then she saw one of my flyers. VOILA!!!! we connected and she brought me my "UBER excited to see me" dog home!
why did she not have a collar on? you ask?
well, she is the itchiest dog in America and when she scratches it goes like this...ching ching chingling. so i remove the collar because it drives me batty to hear that all night long. so, she rarely gets it put back on in the morning. I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON!
the one really funny part of the exchange was the similarities of the lost dog and found dog ads.
name is frannie, small, black and white shih-tzu, 13 years old, has cataracts and is pretty def, shaggy but sweet and very loved.
Female, small, black and white shih-tzu. Dog is at least partially blind and hard of hearing. probably very old. socialized and extremely sweet.

WELL FRANNIE! you behaved yourself during your vacation with the nice lady and her furry little family. BUT, even if you did not miss me, i missed you. i won't let you go without a collar again! although, i will definately invest in those rubber dog tag "anti-chingly" thingies.

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