Tuesday, July 27, 2010

how to get rid of green hair!

Peanut's hair turns green in regular pools BUT for some reason it turns LIME GREEN in a local "salt water" pool that is supposed to be "better" for hair and skin. ??? makes no sense! i have heard that chlorine is not the actual culprit. it is another chemical. i might have to do some "investigative reporting" on this. but this post is HOW I GET RID OF THE GREEN IN PEANUT'S HAIR!! STEP BY STEP:

the subject. (the picture can't capture HOW GREEN her hair is)

ingredients: vinegar, shampoo, conditioner

get a container (of some sort) to put in the sink for the hair to hang into. this pot works great.

rinse and shampoo (the pot is not needed yet)

nope! shampoo alone won't help this green!

fill the pot with straight white vinegar. i filled it up halfway. put the child's hair down in it. cushion the counter top with a towel.

really get in there and scrub the hair with the vinegar.

let the hair soak.

maybe a book will pass the time.
about 5 minutes.

shampoo, scrub, and rinse! then apply conditioner because the hair will feel very dry! rinse.
(process might have to be repeated, depending on the amount of green in the hair)

definitely better!

she is SO happy! actually, i was happy!

look at the BEFORE again!:


this is not "trick" photography!

disclaimer: i heard about this from someone, i have NO idea why it works. it just works for us!

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