Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i am sitting at the table somewhat mesmerized by tiredness. a hamster is crawling on my back. i take him off because he just left a pellet on my shoulder. Peanut brings him back over and sets him on my shoulder again. he climbs down my arm.
i am staring at Crunch who has cut up a large sketch pad in his Batman get up and sprinkled the paper all over the floor. i am numb as i listen to the fit that Peanut starts to throw when i tell her that she can do NOTHING until she finishes her homework. Butter plays with a friend on the trampoline. i have forgotten it is Tuesday. this makes me feel better. ooh, Crunch starts school on Wednesday! wait....that is TOMORROW, because today is Tuesday! things are looking UP! it is
4:30 here which means it is 5:30 in Atlanta. which means that i can go ahead with my ONE glass of wine.
i start to stare again when i realize that there is nothing for Crunch's lunchbox tomorrow because i have been thinking that today is Monday. Maybe Bert will stop at the Pig for me. ooh i become more alert. as soon as i finish dinner, baths, checking homework, begging the children to brush their furry little teeth, making lunch for tomorrow, cleaning the mess up from today. i might have time for a little light tv. it will end up being O'reilly and then i'll get all fired up and have to stare at facebook to calm down only to see that someone has made some obnoxious political comment on their status update. so i might read a little of my book (The Help). i make it through a paragraph before i completely go cross-eyed and pass out.
thank you Lord for this day..........

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