Monday, May 17, 2010

kindergarten painting

each child in butter's class participated in our class art project! i, of course was nominated to do the art project with them. never let anyone know you are an artist if you do not want to be responsible for class art projects. this one turned out great. i also did one for peanut's class and i will post it later. the parents went nutso over it and so did the teacher. i was very flattered and very proud of the class.
how the project was done:
i drew ovals across the canvas and each child had to paint within their oval. i then came around it with color and of course the tree limb. it was fun. but hard work. the painting was auctioned off for the school at the silent auction and went for more than $250! pretty exciting.


  1. This is an awesome looking project!! Hope you don't mind that I borrowed the idea for the 5th grade auction project. The class loved making their own bird and watching it develop into a painting. This project went for $625!! It was an exciting bid to witness. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful project with the rest of us, I greatly appreciate:)

  2. I just started a project based on this painting with my kindergarteners here on the Hopi reservation in Arizona. I love your style. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I would totally put this up on my wall.