Monday, September 14, 2009

my dog has separation anxiety

his name is moss. moss the dog. neighborhood nuisance, family pet, best friend to peanut. he was bert's first child. but now, he basically just hangs around. along with my first child, frannie, the dog that looks like some sort of inbred poodle. so, let's take roll: mom, dad, kid, kid, kid, big dog, little dog, hamster. all present! yesssss! the best time of day is around 5:00! i LOVE it! the kids are super grumpy and the dogs somehow know it is time to eat so they bark and bark until they are fed. peanut's job is to feed the dogs. she is always pretty good about remembering and it is hard to forget when they are yelling "feeeeeeeed usssss!"
Moss has always been a little quirky, but his age has made it worse. he has full blown separation anxiety from peanut. this would not be a huge problem if he did not have a fear of HARDWOOD FLOORS~ and we have an entire house of these. so, he stands on one of our few rugs and BARKS until one of us either cheers him on to the next rug OR escorts him there personally. OH. MY GOODNESS. the MIKE'S HARD LEMONADE that i am drinking right now can't take the edge off of this continuous problem!
he HAS to get to peanut and she keeps changing locations and he can't get to her.
she is not as bothered by his barking as i am. so i have to yell, "PEEEEEEENUT, get the DOGGGGGGGG FOR I LOOOOOOOOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! i told her last week that i was sending him to live in a glue factory (i am not sure where THAT came from).
i am not going to send him away. i don't think that i will anyway. we tried anti-anxiety meds for him for ONE MONTH. it cost $50.00 and bert nixed it after one month. so, here i am stuck with an anxiety ridden dog. i will have to tell you about "frannie", my little deaf, blind dog that smells like a used Depends Undergarment.

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  1. liz, tiffany and brad were over last night and she told me about your blog. where have i been? i love it! i just read the first page, bc the kids are waking up but i am letting them cry a little so i can a about 5 minutes of my own time. my favorite post (that i read) is 4:30. i am showing this to murray bc that picture of your house is what my house looks like almost everyday when murray comes home. we don't have quite as much paper on the floor only bc ella's scissors broke and i have not bought her any more. but, whew, now i know it is normal!