Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what else did we do in beaver creek?? a photo storybook!

we greeted mimi and gb with big hugs at the airport

we had fun biking from avon to edwards and then having lunch by the river!

daddy threw the kids around in the pool (which is probably their favorite thing EVER)

we fished at the lake in avon

drums at the kids symphony concert in vail

the kids were able to enjoy trying to play the instruments

even crunch was given a try

an awesome "date" fishing with my bert. oh and a really cool guide!

i got my toes done at the spa, sat by the pool at the hyatt and had some mom time! ahhhh!

crunch enjoyed spraying the hose with a real firefighter at the beaver creek friday night cook-out!

ice skating in the village! peanut's all time favorite!

to the 4 eagle ranch for some horseback riding and lunch

zip line tour

beaver creek rodeo....PS. that is NOT crunch (surprisingly enough!)

saying goodbye! thank you for the AWESOME time!

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