Monday, July 19, 2010

hanging in the balance. FEARLESS!

BERT, my father in law, and i, went on a "zip line adventure"! yes, we defied gravity over a HUGE canyon near beaver creek. it was an absolute BLAST! i was nervous, until i got harnessed up and saw how (seemingly) safe it was! the two guides who consider themselves to be a comedy routine (successfully) were VERY careful, and thorough with directions and safety.
riding in the swiss military truck that took us to the canyon.

 in our little group was a family from NYC (7 and 9 year old included), a mother and daughter team, and the three of us. one of the most exciting parts of the trip happened on zip line 6 (out of 7) which happened to be the tallest zip line. i do not remember the actual feet (but HIGH) above a canyon my "zipping" came to a halt, due to my weight and a non-running start! so, there i was, dangling above a canyon with a creek running through. a view of the eagle river and steep cliffs on either side. i gripped my camera and started taking pictures of my feet above the canyon as the BRAVE guide hooked up to the line and zipped down to save me. he hooked his legs around me and started pulling (hand over hand) up the line until we reached safety. i was so busy taking pictures that i did not even feel the slightest bit of unease! the BRAVE KNIGHTLY GUIDE (who is a Vail firefighter by the way and does work with Ryan Sutter of the bachelor!) then had to repeat the same action with the mother from NYC. he was VERY tired and we were all hot as the heat index had to reach the upper 90's! 6 zips back and forth and one giant zip back to the starting point took two full hours that were so enjoyable, i would suggest it to anyone! the only accident they have HAD has been one broken ankle. oh and i burned my toes in my chocos because the sun was fierce. Alpine Zip Line Tours! try it if you find yourselves in the beautiful Vail valley! we had so much fun with these guides and the fun loving group, it was a trip well worth it!

my best camera shot yet!

a close-up of the guide saving me!

Bert's dad "zipping" for the final LONG zip home!

another "damsel in distress"?

yes, we know you are our hero! no need to GLOAT!

my honey coming in for a landing!

my view while dangling

FUN! let's go again!

someone posted thier trip on you tube if you want to watch some zipline action

check out zip adventure

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