Sunday, July 25, 2010

have a heart

allison and a infant foster kitten

my friend allison has a non-profit organization called Have a Heart. she helps rescue cats and dogs using volunteer fosters who care for and eventually get the animals adopted. she had her fundraiser today and it was fun! there were a good many dogs with their owners and a brand new little kitten that meeeyowed like a little bird. the foster families that take their time and energy fostering these pets until they can find a home for them. they end up spending a lot of their time and resources helping the animals. so, hopefully allison made enough money today at her silent auction and raffle to offset a lot of costs for her foster volunteers. i had fun hanging out with the two rescued chinese cresteds and their owner. also, a pack of three great danes and a constant flow of four leggeds. i painted an owl for the auction (although i think a painting of cat or dog would have sold better!) but it sold and to a sweet girl. i also won my bidding war with no one for a 5 day puppy playcare for chi-weenie! he needs to be socialized more! and i won a raffle of a TON of small dog toys, bones, dog bed, kennel, kennel fan, and more. i was SO excited! you'd have thought I'd won the lottery because everything seems big when it is 100 degrees and you've had two Sangria's! ole'! everyone was looking at me like "chill girl, it's just a dog kennel with toys....sheesh.

mad little kitten!

the SWEETEST two Chinese Crested dogs

"great dane the mornin!" did you know the white ones are deaf? they sometimes get "discarded" by breeders because they can't make money off of them. this lady was using signing to talk to the dog.

snow camouflage!

my painting

to learn more about "Have a Heart" go to their website!

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