Monday, July 12, 2010

samsonite turned rainbow bright!

ROCKIN' camp suitcase
$2.00 garage sale mustard color Samsonite hard suitcase......totally retro
acrylic paint
gloss medium to paint over the top
VOILA! camp suitcase!
if it comes back nasty, into the trash it will go!
total price about $5.00
you can see a little of the original suitcase...color, and all. (forgot to do a "before" pic)

i did the monogram and the name. she did the "decor"

"camp rules" by me. decor and letter "scramble" that reads o l e  m i s s  by bess "peanut"

what i did not do and should have:
lightly sand the suitcase
prime with "gesso"
(the paint will inevitably chip off of our suitcase.)

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