Friday, July 30, 2010

always on

my friend owns the nickname "always on" after alagasco i think. doesn't matter...she is always on. she gets her kids to school on time and has their activities all organized. pre-planned and everything. i wish i had that nickname...but instead, mine should be "always a little off" i don't wear it proudly nor am asking you to call me this. i much prefer lizard or lizzie lu, what have you. but i am certainly anything but "always on".
is one born with the quality to be organized and "on"? i believe the answer is YES. BECAUSE, my sisters are that organized, have everything written down. two of them being teachers have that natural tendency to keep things in line because they are used to managing many children. i can't manage THREE. i am trying so hard. i really am. i try to be fun and playful but with consistant discipline. i have not mastered this. here is a little poem about my "offness"

make me a PBandJ ! they all say
ok just a minute.....
as the minute turns to minuteS i discover that the counter top needs wiping
oh how frightening (i have to rhyme somewhere right)
mommm, what about our sandwiches
ok ok i am sorry, mommy forgot again.
i get the PB out
oh, is that my cell phone ringing?
i hear it dinging (oh my gosh that is horrible but it rhymes also)
let me answer and i am reminded "PBand J" by my daughter
you know, you COULD make some
 yourself for your brothers and you since i keep forgetting what i am doing!
BUT MOMMMM, i want YOOOOOOU to make it.
so, i grab the jelly, and bread, TRYING SO HARD to stay focused.
"yap yap yap" my friend says on the line and fusses "HUSH, Cal i am on the phone!"
at least i know i am not alone. (threw another in there)
finally the sandwiches are finished and served!
YESSSS, task complete
now they can eat! (HA!)
has ANYONE seen mom's coffee?
yes, it is lukewarm from 3 hours ago but i still drink it.
trying to be frugal, butnot wanting to make more.
is this what life has in store?
God NEVER promised perfection i remind myself.
even those that claim they have it are tricking themselves.
perfection was only reached by one man alone.
God of flesh and bones behind a cave and stone.
fully God, and fully man. bust from the stone to bring life to us.
i CAN'T WAIT to hold His hand.


and he for sure IS "always on"!

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