Sunday, July 4, 2010

fool me once...well just don't try to fool me.

sweet husband tried SO hard to find people to come to my "surprise party". but, as USUAL to all of my past birthdays, EVERYONE is out of town! he snuck on the computer and looked at my e-mail list but still does not know of all of the fun friends that would have liked to have come. the ones he knew of, he called, e-mailed and one by one they could not come. NOW, i was not friendless! my bff's brooke and brook and my family, minus my mississippi sis (which made me tear up a little) were there.
the PLOT:
how to get liz to mexican restaurant for big surprise:
*tell liz we are all going to her parents house for her birthday
*send brother in law over early to "pick up" kids to take to nana and bobo's for a "craft" they were going to do before i was to arrive. when really they were going down the street to a babysitter[weird, and my first clue which made me change my clothes into something nicer]
*"run by" the mexican restaurant (which is a mile the other direction) to pick up chips and cheese dip? for nana's "mexican fiesta". [oh crap, i better put on make-up i am pretty sure at this point we are having a party]
*pull up to resteraunt and ask liz to run in and get the cheese dip. [oh my gosh could this be more obvious?]
*everyone jump up and yell surprise!

who is that orange man trying to get in the picture next to my dad?

Bert tried SO hard to make this a surprise and it was...right up to the point that the plot began! we had so much fun and the three people that were there (not in my family) are three of my faves in the world so it ended up being so much fun! we told stories about my mom's attack shih-tzu, "puddy" and how she attacked and permanently maimed more than two family members and other friends of the family. but, for some reason, mom always had a way of blaming it on the victim. then when pud died and we were all relieved, mom was MAD at everybody because none of us cried. i am telling you "kujo" had nothing on this dog.
then we came back to our house and mom made us watch michael jackson videos and we ate cake.

the big surprise~ a brand new CANNON REBEL EOS 500 digital camera! i am snapping pictures like a regular shutterbug and CAN'T WAIT for my blog pics to be EXTRA SPECIAL!!
PS i named "rebel" the dog before i got my REBEL camera!!....... I KNOW!

memory: my last spend the night party was at my friend reggie's house when i was in the 4th but i ended up going home right before bed because i was always afraid i was going to catch the stomach bug suddenly and i might throw up and i would not have my dad there to comfort me. this was an ongoing fear of mine right up until...?.... NOW actually. i have not thrown up since the third grade and i can't because i don't live with my dad and he can't be here to comfort me. so no barfing for me! NO WAY! (note to self) bring this up in my next psychology session.

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