Friday, July 23, 2010

investigative reporting.

ok, i was going to leave this alone but i was thumbing through my incoming readers and where they are from and someone from KATHMANDU searched "sad facebook status" and ended up on my blog again. that is a LONG WAY AWAY. i am not sure i even know the exact location of kathmandu and i am just learning at this moment that this is how you spell it...but, why do you want to see sad facebook status'???? that DOES IT! i am googling it RIGHT NOW..............

ok. here is what i found. there are endless websites devoted to helping you write a facebook status. kind of like a social "coach" for what to say to get people to talk to you. there are also websites devoted to sad quotes and sad status's. maybe this is a way to get the attention that one might want. just by seeming a little sad or pitiful, you might just get some responses like "it's ok, buddy!" or "let me know what i can do to help you." or even "do you need a friend?"
there is even a website devoted to giving you a sad facebook status each time you visit to copy and paste onto your wall. the one i got was: "No matter how badly your heart is broken, the world does not stop for your grief."       um.  ok?
i am pretty sure "Eeyore" wrote most of these quotes. "it figures"

i think i would rather google "uplifting status updates" maybe it will help me recover from all of the sad things i hear and read.

for the heck of it Example of a SAD STATUS UPDATE:

Liz is: thinking about how much she misses the times that we had at the lake house before the recession hit and made us choose between IT and food........hmmmmm.

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