Monday, July 19, 2010


my little girl is at camp for her second summer. i miss her already even though it has barely been 24 hours! we flew in from Colorado and headed straight for camp. we got there a few hours late and just in time for the dinner bell. her little bff (and her parents who happened to be our bff's) had her bunk made and ready for her and she never even looked back to say goodbye to me as she ran off to catch up with her cabin as they crossed the bridge to the "mess hall"! i followed her and felt like a camper for a minute. i heard them sing the prayer that i had sung at her age, after we dropped her stuff at the very same cabin that my parents dropped me off  MANY moons ago. it smelled the same.... old wood, dirt, summer, sweat, and all the stuff of camp! oh, i wanted to STAY! PLEEEEEEEEEASE LET ME STAY! the creek spilled over the side of the waterfall as we crossed the bridge and i remembered everything about it. now, the new memory will be leaving my baby for a week. WAY TOO SHORT for her. WAY TOO LONG for me. she will ask (beg!) to stay another week. as i did. we'll say no, as my parents did! BLAAAA! i have turned into "PARENTS". who would have thought?


  1. Winnataska, we looove you so! (Best read in the Winnataska sing-songy voice)

  2. what a pretty picture of bess!!!