Thursday, July 8, 2010


this little 9 week year old daschund mix is one rebellious little pup! he is biting and not stopping! i know i know! "all puppies do it!" this surpasses the norm. we went to a jump-start training class this morning. we learned a lot at once. the assessment: VERY SMART PUPPY learning to dominate us! it was suggested that we begin classes ASAP and even a possible puppy boot camp if that does not work. this will not be cheap SO i am going to diligently work with Rebel to get him in shape. puppy class was interesting with Crunch running around the room like a maniac. he was like a poster child for hyper! it was stressful but the teacher said it is actually helpful to have the "stresser" in the class. HA! i have never called Crunch "the stresser" but it totally fits in with the other names!
if the four classes do not work.....well, i will have to sell that aspen tree painting (below) to afford a week long boot camp. I WILL NOT HAVE A MEAN DOG! i just won't. that defeats the purpose of why i got the dog.
"with a REBEL yell!"

how else can he be the new Ole Miss mascot? he must learn to behave as every good OLE MISS dog would. polite, precious, and full of "suthen chom"!

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