Tuesday, July 20, 2010

poopishair' means poopish hair in french.

poop. that is what my hair looks like. so, i am headed to the salon for monica to work her magic. my alopecia is rockin and rollin all over my head. bald on each temple (still) and bald spots sprinkled throughout. i will be amazed (again) at how she will help me look like i have a full head of hair! with "all over" color and a great cut. here goes! i'll show you the results. this picture is a good "before" shot. hair pulled back in a tiny pony and the rest covering the bald temples. FABULOUS! ug.

ok SO I went to monica at salon loba. i feel like a new woman. my hair was tired and drab. now it is bouncy and happy again. she is great. she said (in her accent) "lis i cood see yourr rooots comingg with yoo ven you come from thee carr!"
work your magic, woman!

i don't feel poopish anymore! now, just add make-up and some swanky earrings!

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