Saturday, July 3, 2010

birthday dress rehersal

i set out on the 1st, which is the EVE of my birthday to run around for the whole day! it was my birthday "dress rehearsal". i DRAAAAAAAAAG out my birthday, and mothers day as long as possible because it is one of those "just for me and i can do what i want so don't say anything about it" kind of days. it's my excuse for selfishness. which sounds horrible but i do it anyway. my birthday is the 2nd of july but i did not have a babysitter for that day so i went out the day before.
if you are one of my regular "junky" readers then you know about my journey from the death of "frannie the dog" to the search for a new/used dog. so...ok i have been a little down because after putting my efforts into two dogs and then something happening with both of them, it has made me feel a little depressed.
so, feeling "entitled" to a good birthday i left at about 10:00 and headed to one of the bigger thrift stores near birmingham. ESPECIALLY known for their "bric a brac" section. if you do not know that term than you just don't know a thing about the second hand world. it means: everything else. like home goods, baskets, picture frames, figurines....everything else. now you are caught up. please don't hold me up to have to explain these things in the future. thanks.
i started out in the bric-a-brac section and the same phenom happens in these isles as does the grocery store. you circle the isle and end up making eye contact with the same people over and over. usually, it is fine. they are just regular folks for the most part. BUT for some reason on this birthday's eve...the people were somewhat too "thrifty" if you know what i mean. like sometimes i won't buy something in the thrift store without smelling it first which only a true veteran can do without completely humiliating herself....[what is liz doing? oh she is sniffing the couch over there.] well this group of three people were so thrifty it went down in the books or the blog, for me. big lady in a wheelchair, big older daughter pushing her, and an "un-medicated" completely obnoxious little boy that would pick up EVERYTHING and say "NANNY LOOK AT THIS!" or "CAN I HAVE THIS, NANNY?" AND "HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS......NANNY!? the woman would lose her cool and say "I CAN SEE IT! I GOT EYES DON'T I? then he would grab something else and say "WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE NANNY DID YOU SEE IT DID YOU SEEEEEEEEE THISSSSSSSS????" well, this is when nanny lost it with the boy and told the tiny asian lady who was pushing a cart of bric-a-brac to the floor to go ahead and "RUN OVER THE KID!" about this time i was next to them and we were looking at the same shelf. i caught a wif of NANNY and that was all she wrote...i reversed my cart and SKIPPED a lane to get away from her. literally gagging and committing the carnal sin of skipping a lane at the thrift store, i finished up bric-a-brac and headed to the books. this is one of my favorite locations because there are a TON of books and it could take hours of mindlessness and you could end up with rockin' coffee table books, books for your friends, neighbors etc. i started to browse when i heard "snort"..."snort"..."snort"  every three seconds or so this pasty white man was snorting (gag) phlegm! uggggg barffffff. he WOULD NOT STOP! i had to leave the books LEAVE THE BOOKS without looking! this is not normal for me AT ALL. i never leave a thrift store halfway shopped. but between stinky lady, obnoxious kid and snot man i HAD TO GO!
i ended up with
a commemorative mississippi plate
a pair of jeans to re-sell
two jelly jars for the kids
a book about will rogers
a duvet cover for peanut's bed (fully sniffed)

leaving the thrift store early was indeed providential because it gave me time to "swing" by the humane society where i adopted the most precious weenie dog mix EVER! he is a puppy and his name is REBEL!! if col. reb gets replaced (ug!) i am writing this little dude in! "the ole miss fighting weenie dogs!"
more on REBEL the dog later!! and a possible RANT on the unfair happenings at my alma mater!

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