Monday, July 12, 2010

New Latitude Movers Birmingham Alabama

So, with my sister and her family gone to madison, i miss them every day! there has been a steady flow of visitors there to see them and i don;t even think that they have their last box unpacked! apparently, this little suburb of Jackson, ms. is like "mayberry". the day that they left was very hard but i have to be honest, my brother in law made it a ton easier! well, not him specifically but the moving company he works for. New Latitude! yall, for real, i can't tell you...well, i can and i am right much more painless this move was because of them. formally "changes in latitude" they are now "NEW LATITUDE". same company, only better because my brother in law is there. and i might think he is one of the greatest guys EVER.
one girl that used them to move her said they should be called the "Hot A-- Movers" (her words) because the guys were so cute that moved her.
so, on moving day, with camera in tow, i headed to Emily's house for the move, to say goodbye, and see these H.A.M.'s for myself. SHE WAS RIGHT! but not only were thew HAM's cute, muscular, and fun to watch. they were efficient, kind, and FAST! they broke NOTHING. they were well dressed, articulate and funny!
these Birmingham Movers merged with people movers and hired my brother in law. of course, that was nothing but a smart "move" on their part because they are already a very family oriented business. i have known the owner and his wife for many years. i love them! and i love my brother in law and am SO PROUD of this moving company. let me tell you one of the most special things about them. the couple that owns it has an autistic son, who is delightful! but, they have poured their heart and soul into autism awareness, help for their son, and oversees mission in the form of an orphanage in the Ukraine that houses autistic children. they help support it financially and also visit. they help with therapy for the kids, and have helped set up a "skype" situation where a therapist HERE can help the orphanage director THERE. this is who these people are! i love them all. they are family.
by using NEW LATITUDE, you participate in the wonderful things that they do!
i have not met anyone that has used them that has not been so surprised at how GREAT they are. moving, was a "good" experience(cause moving is never GREAT, let's be honest!). and they use them over and over.

some of the businesses that they work with are:
Z gallery
Restoration Hardware
Cabinets for Home Depot and Lowes
Office Depot

they will move you to or from anywhere. no matter how big or small the move
here is their story

here are their links:

is my sister looking at his muscles?

i got some great pics of a couple of  HAMS that "moved" emily!

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  1. they just moved us and we LOVE them. moved our whole house in three hours (including driving time) and didn't scratch a thing. it was the most amazing thing i've ever seen. totally recommend them!