Friday, August 20, 2010

strange but AWESOME

        i talk to EVERYONE. it just does not matter where i am, or who you are. i talk to EVERYONE. it is sometimes a problem for those around me. especially bert. he does not mind UNLESS we are trying to have quality time. then my talking to EVERYONE is a problem for him. i just LOVE meeting new people. i met a new friend with two adorable children and we ended up in conversation about birmingham (she is new to town) and then...her tatoos. i NEEDED to know what her wrist tattoos meant. i will share more about tatoos in a later post. but any the how, we talked forever.
        i noticed a beautiful african grandmother and her grandchildren. they were so dark skinned and had that look about them that i could just tell they, too, were new to the area.
it was so hot and sticky and with sweaty brows and hands...we shook to meet. i asked her if she spoke "swahili" and she lit up like a candle and began rattling off her language...."whoa", i said. i ONLY know JAMBO (hello) and a song "God is so good" in swahili. so we began to the middle of the park. (my other new friend i am sure thought i was a quack!)
with her granddaughter on my hip ( head on my shoulder)... my african friend and i began to sway to the imaginary piano playing the chords to "God is SO GOOOOOOD......."
(pardon all spelling for those who speak swahili!)
mungu yu mwema
mungu yu mwema
mungu yu mwema
yu mwema

with sweat from the HOT morning muggy sun we shared with each other that we were "sistas" and we ended our conversation with, "I will see you in heaven!" in broken english and sign language
but, when she said,
we both understood eachother perfectly.

i'm sharing with you a few paintings that i did a couple of years ago to raise money for another african friend.

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