Monday, August 9, 2010

painting workshop!

painting with my sisters at the beach was fun! it came from the idea that em needed two BIG paintings to go in her house and she gave us one night to do them in. we stayed up, i painted one. she painted the other...with coaching from sara and me. they turned out beautiful and i was so proud of em.... "i do not paint!" she says. i beg to differ. and sara painted a fish that looks like it is going down a toilet bowl. but really is supposed to be just swimming in his fish bowl. i love it! emily painted the angels and they are beautiful. i painted the trees which apparently look like bamboo. kate missed the fun. that is what happens when ONE leaves the beach early!

a candid shot of sara in ACTION! with a stolen glass of wine (MINE)

did this not turn out FABULOUS!! GO EM!

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