Sunday, August 1, 2010

brand new shiny owls and birds for sale!

6x12x1.5  "three owlmigos!" $80

6x12x1.5  "give me a kisssss" $80

8x24x1.5 "owl and the gang" $100

6x12x1.5 "the recitOWL" $80 SOLD

6x12x1.5 "owl love you forever" $80 SOLD

6x12x3/4"  "bird" $75

6x12x1.5 "bOWLerina" $80 SOLD

if you are interested in purchasing one of these paintings and helping this starving artist mom you can either make a comment on my blog and leave your contact info (and i will not publish) or you can e-mail me at after liz is an underscore _
"junkies" this is my first try at sharing my e-mail. please do not add me to any lists. thanks!

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