Tuesday, August 10, 2010

just say no to chairs!

my sister sara, who is working on a career in interior decorating, was helping me tonight. she informed me of one of my main problems....and there was a bit of an intervention! this makes the second intervention in a week!  other members of my family said that i "do not have to talk about my blog ALL THE TIME!" i am still chewing on that one and am a little fragile and so i have to BLOG ABOUT IT. HA! anyhooo...she informed me that i seem to be ADDICTED to chairs! CHAIRS? yes. every time i go to a thrift store or garage sale it seems that i am drawn to chairs. when sara was moving things around, i would say, "where will this chair go then?" she would say, "NOWHERE!" (this means into storage and out of my house). she was bringing a chair up to my studio and realized that, up here, in my happy studio is a "graveyard for wooden chairs!" well, i counted and there are 7 up here! oops. she and her "honesty"! check out her blog on www.atthewalkerhouse.blogspot.com  she does a great job. but, don't be mad (if she takes your chairs..just kidding) if she tells you the gosh aweful truth! she might be blogging about over abundance of chairs or other furniture! if she is. you will know who she is talking about!

love this one!

found this and a match at the thrift store! score!

this chair has a storage bin!

totally kidding on this "chair"! cool pic though!

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