Saturday, August 21, 2010

redneck lemonade stand

i woke up early this morning to help with a friend's yard sale. i came home with some goodies! i love starting a saturday with some good yard sale endorphins. the kids had a blast today with a lemonade stand in the back of bert's truck. how redneck is that? Spiderman was helpful to attract customers. they made $7.50. the dog would NOT get out of the truck so i feel sure that there was black hair in some of the lemonade cups. i know this to be true because i saw a man fishing one out of his Styrofoam cup. it was BLAZING hot but these entrepreneurs were busy at work. then they all left. as kids do. and i was left to clean up the mess. moss the dog.was no help and had to be lifted out of the car as usual. crunch saw a real weenie dog and fell in love with a non-biting dog. i thought that made a cute picture.
by the way, bess woke up in the middle of the night, decided to hold her hamster and it bit the STEW out of her finger. she screamed bloody murder and we were all awakened. today was a tired and hot day. i enjoyed a nap. ahhhh, bert took the kids to kmart and the dollar store. fun day. did i mention the heat?

SNAP TO IT! it's PATTI! a paying customer!

such a cute pic i could eat it!

crunch loving on a real weenie dog.

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