Tuesday, August 31, 2010

in a wad

OK i am in a wad. my favorite thrift store: the salvation army (on the hill) in homewood is under a new "captain" for real that is what he is called....it is an army. a couple of weeks ago i noticed that the furniture prices and what they considered "fine art" had gone UP! i mean, they had a print in there that they were selling for....are you ready?....sittin' down?....$120!!!!!!! i almost tinkled right there! what is this? a typo? now, this print had been signed by some hockey players or something. for real, this is Alabama we would not know a hockey puck from a coaster.  but LISTEN CAREFULLY.......the purpose of the salvation army is to put the stuff out there and let the your LOYAL customers find the "finds". just a month ago i bought those leather chairs for a total that was less than that hockey print.
         the word is, the captain is operating out of ATLANTA. ATLANTA? this is BIRMINGHAM. we do not even have a "needless markup" here (neiman's). don't needlessly mark-up our thrift store! calm down liz. ok, trying to think clearly here. this is what needs to happen....the loyal customers of the salvation army on the hill need to band together and call the salvation army corporate office. i do not know the number BUT i know someone that does. a dude that works there tells people the number. all you have to do is stand there and loudly say "this little chair is eighty-five dollars? who is doing the pricing around here?" the informant will then appear and tell you the number. don't expect him to have a pen or pencil, you must be ready. ok? ok. are we together? no more skirts for nine bucks! no more candles for six bucks! where is our dollar ninety nine? WHO's WITH ME?
this is me "in a wad" it's NOT pretty!

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  1. ok, i am with you....can we go tomorrow. it will be very crowded since its 1/2 price day. let me knwo.