Tuesday, August 24, 2010

crunch is 5

i did not want him to get any bigger than he was when he was 5 months! but he keeps growing. today crunch is 5 and i feel a bit floofy. looking back on these years where i have treated him like a BABY! i guess i need to stop now. i guess i need to stop nursing. i am KIDDING! yikes, i only lasted 4 months with him! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE CRUNCH, MY LITTLE MOON PIE! sitting in my hospital bed waiting on Katrina to hit. then watching it hit on tv. that was SOMETHING. here are some photos of my boy....past and present. oh, speaking of presents....thank you Lord for this wonderful and indescribable gift! amen

my favorite doc! doctor banks! i caricatured his face on my belly as a surprise. BOY was he surprised during that exam!

can't beat these moments in life! (my only c-section)

baby book picture

LOVE my baby!

playing with his toys this morning

10 week fetus named banks. (before he was even formed) his was written on the palm of our Lord's hand. HORRIFYINGLY, 8-10 weeks is the most popular time to end a baby's life in the womb. it is allowed up to 14 weeks! please pray for our unborn and mothers searching for help. 

my birthday boy!

CBL Carl Banks Landgren
Chosen By the Lord

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