Sunday, August 29, 2010

a dream come true!

you know that dream that most people have had about going to school or to work without you clothes on? but you don't realize it until you get there and it is too late! well, bert and i had a similar thing happen, but we were wearing clothes, only the wrong ones, and it was not a dream. we were invited to the "fairy tale ball" a fundraiser for childcare resources (a GREAT cause). my dad was involved in the event and we never actually saw the invitation thus not knowing for sure (but assuming) what to wear. but we knew it was a fun kids party and it was a "fairy tale" themed party. i am sure you will be surprised to know that I LOVE TO DRESS UP IN COSTUMES! so, the wheels in my head began to would STINK to go to this party and have the worst costume there! so after some brainstorming, the THREE LITTLE PIGS popped in my head. and oh wouldn't it be so cute if daddy was the BIG BAD WOLF, and i was the BRICK HOUSE?!
fast forward 3 hours
costumes on, smooshed into the van, kids a little grumpy......MOM, this pink foamy stuff itches! my nose feels funny with paint on it!....HUSH! we are going to be the best dressed family there!
fast forward 5 minutes
we drive up on the parking area and start to see people getting out of their cars for the party. all we see are beautiful people, dressed in formal and semi formal attire! their KIDS (mostly little girls) have on little ball gowns! WHAT? where are the adult costumes? uh oh (i start to sweat). i look over at bert whom i have FORCED to be a WOLF!!!! his nose is brown. he has casual clothes on and i have written in red stickers "big bad wolf" on his shirt. he has a long tail. he looks around and sees tuxedos and ties and says, "OH NO, I CAN'T DO THIS! i am dropping yall off and going to change!" ok i do NOT blame you, go ahead and drop us off but i am SURE there are adults dressed up inside!
fast forward ten minutes
we were inside (some people were staring, mainly wondering what in the heck we were dressed up as). bert calls my cell...."i am coming back, as the wolf. i am just not going to worry about it."
5 minutes
this brick house had her wolf. her wolf that would RATHER DIE than have people stare at him did NOT break up the colorful group! we were a fairy tale story again! so embarrassed. but we were together. we ended up having fun! it was a great event. i asked bert this question..."now that you have gone somewhere, dressed as a wolf, and survived! don't you think that you could do just about anything?".....long pause...."no, not really."
ok so maybe one of us learned something. check the invitation before you go to a ball, there is not always a prize for the best costume... and, i DON'T necessarily like being the center of attention (contrary to popular belief!).

before bert came back

man, i was detailed with the costumes!

the prodigal wolf came back to the brick house!

nana and butter rockin out to the band!

aunt sassy and uncle cheeto waited in line with the kids for 45 minutes for the balloon man to make their swords! (shh, don't tell them that the kid's balloons popped on the grass when we got home! did you know a wet blade of grass can pop a balloon?)

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  1. Omigosh - I love it! Y'all look so cute and I am sure you had a blast. I don't know if I could have pulled it off as gracefully as you appear to have