Thursday, August 19, 2010

rebel is at boot camp

REBEL the mixed weenie dog is pretty bad. he bites, nips, and poops in the house. i have had him this week at "doggie day care" (won in an auction) at CREATIVE DOG TRAINING in birmingham. well, his "report card" from yesterday was not so good. it was bad really. their concern is rebel being so aggressive, so YOUNG. they asked me to consider the mini BOOT CAMP. well, this service would completely transform reb into an obedient dog. i mean, MARGARET that owns the place is like CAESAR MILAN in a dress. she is amazing. rebel would spend ALL of the 7 days with her, doing extensive training. how can i resist!!!! so, HOW MUCH IS THIS??? what? i am sorry, did you say $600? oh. ok........crap.  i mean, for real. it would work, but i can't afford it. and i am stuck with CUJO the meanie weenie dog. so, my wheels started to turn. on my way out the door to take rebel for his third third day of monitored day care, it hit me. i grabbed my portfolio and a 36x36 blank canvas.
i turned on my salesman voice as rebel, crunch, and i walked into the office holding the canvas and my impressive (i must say) portfolio of pet paintings. yes, in the office of the place where rebel is known as "king of the yard" miss MARGARET walked out and i managed to negotiate a trade! yes, a BARTER. one 36" painting of her five animals for 7 days with "my biting dog" as crunch calls him. i thought it was a SLAM DUNK and i jumped up and down and hugged her (the dog whisperer) and sent rebel off for seven days at chez creative dog training. bye you little toot head, i'll see you in 7 days!

margaret and rebel's "boot camp" chart

margaret's rebel BITE from the day before! ARGGGG!

reb does not stand a CHANCE!

miss you frannie!!
example of one of my pet paintings


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  1. what a great barter! Margaret transformed our crazy lab 11 years ago. Two weeks of boarding/training as a wedding gift. The gift that kept on giving.