Monday, August 23, 2010

Cahaba Park Church picnic

the weather was a fabulous sunny 100 degrees with a heat index of about 111. but who noticed? NOT US CHURCH GOIN' PICNICKIN' FOLK!
first thing's is our TYPICAL "church lady pastor's wife" and their youngest child. that happens to look identical to our pastor.

it's just NOT RIGHT that she is THIS fabulous!

"MURRAY, you did great today on the sermon!"

i had a GREAT idea to "pile the babies together" to photograph our youngest members

did not go so well except for baby on the left that thought the WHOLE thing was HYSTERICAL!

LOOK a our CPC children! we are full of kids at this church! what a blessing!

we heard a crash and a huge limb fell, and came about two feet from a child.

our hearts skipped a beat. LORD, thank you for the two feet that spared our little one! his daddy said to him, "that is why mommy and i pray every night for your safety".

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