Tuesday, October 20, 2009

thrift store score!

I went to the Salvation Army yesterday for a little retail therapy! "at the THRIFT STORE?" you ask......yes! oh yes you can't imagine the shopping endorphin that i get when i find something awesome or totally quirky. it is the thrill of the hunt! i found a bag of Electrolux vacuum bags that i normally have to spend about $30 on!! i also found the color cartridges that fit my color printer that also retail for an arm and a leg. i have found Seven for all mankind jeans, True Religion, and the MAMA of all finds from yesterday, a pair of hot pink UGG's that are seemingly unworn, and in my size! i find great t-shirts and clothes for the kids also! Peanut's ski jacket from last year was from the thrift store and she was the cutest kid on the slopes!
There are items for the entire family! i find games and books for the kids. if they break them or lose pieces, for a buck? who cares? i have found great hardback books and some really fun RANDOM BOOKS! my FAVORITE is the (boy)Scout Handbook from 1976. this is a guide for life, it coaches you on everything from how to dress a sprained ankle to sexual maturity! a quote from the "manual" on this subject says, "Don't rely on advice of friends who think they know all the answers, but may not really know as much as you do. In these matters, it is always smart to get facts and not fiction." LOL! so true!
for the record, this thrifty hobby of mine drives Bert CRAZY and i just tell him that it makes me happy and it is MUCH cheaper than therapy! besides, who could LIVE without a coconut fisherman?

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