Monday, October 26, 2009


when i lived in oxford i definitely did not understand what a unique place William Faulkner's Rowan Oak was (especially to live a stones throw away from). my friends and i would go on these long walks around oxford and it sometimes included a stroll through the cedar and oak trees, sometimes even a stop to sit on one of the big tree roots. i used to hear about people getting engaged there under the trees. once, i took an actual tour of the home (i am told by my father in law) i do not remember it very well. Maybe this was because the most i cared about "literature" was the fact that i saw John Grisham at Square Books a handful of times.

why do I write about this now? well....i am going to paint a painting of Faulkner's house! the line off trees that walk up the sides of the path, the white house that holds much history! this history i plan on catching up on while i paint. i am sure to google Faulkner and how long he lived in Oxford and who lived there with him etc... i will say this, my painting is going to be different from others like it because, well you must wait and see!! don't get too excited. i have not started this painting yet and there is always a chance that it will take me a while to get to it. BUT, i am hoping that by posting this....well it will speed me up.

when we visited Rowan Oak, the kids were running around like maniacs..... and Crunch, (because he watches Scooby-DOO and surprises me with hilarious sayings that would only come from a cartoon with stoned characters saying things like "jenkies!") says to me, "Mom wook at these CWEAPY, CWEAPY TWEES!" i happened to get a picture of him "posing" next to them. i am sure he thought he was at a haunted house and needed to find a clue for a "scooby snack"!

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