Sunday, October 4, 2009

the pampered frannie

when the nice lady dropped frannie the dog back off at my house i noticed that she was not as nappy as normal. i even thought to myself, "she's not as nappy as normal". i even made a comment about how sorry i was that she had my stinky dog all night. the nice lady responded with, "oh, i think she smells sweet". i thought, "that is weird, she does not smell AS bad as normal". ALSO, here is the odd part....her hair looked shorter. i wondered if i had forgotten that i had groomed her recently and was only remembering her in normal "nappy" state. i was also wondering if maybe just some of her hair had fallen out during the trauma of being away from her loving home! When Bert returned from being out of town (he missed the WHOLE lost dog EXTRAVAGANZA!) he said, "did you go and have her groomed?" this is when i figured out (two days after frannie's vacation) that she had been GROOMED by her rescuer!!!! she had been on a vacation, hung out with fellow "rescue" dogs, eaten some sort of gourmet food and enjoyed SPA TREATMENT! and i had insulted the nice lady by saying that she stinks!
Frannie does have a new tag with a rubber silencer thingie on it. it is a heart tag that reads
blind, deaf, loved...
and a phone number of course!

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