Monday, October 12, 2009

starting my busy season!

just trying to write this post is difficult! i have the kids standing around me chanting, "I WANT CEREAL!" they have all had one big bowl each but as they watch their morning cartoons they get that couch potato-eeee hunger. so i fill their bowls up again. i just need an increment of about 30 minutes to post something to my blog as it has become a sort of therapy for me. "theirs no crying in baseball," tom hanks belts from the tv. i love how his chew is hanging out of his mouth as he has this totally confused look on his face. i am watching "a league of their own" on my tv" whilst (i love that word) i work on this post. peanut has been up to me twice already to put her hamster on me. butter comes in and begins his daily endless whining to go over to some one's house! can i go to sam's or webster's or what about lane's? "BUTTER," i say, "you can't just wander around the neighborhood asking yourself into peoples houses! we will have to call them in a little while."

my art SEASON has begun. i have three shows coming up. i am painting little churches, angels, and crosses. a lot of them. they are all "recession" sizes! affordable for everyone. but they take time and there are going to be a whole lot of little ones to cover my market space or i will look super puny. last night i stayed up until 12:30 because it is my only quiet time. i can watch whatever i want on my little studio tv. last night it was "clean house"! my favorite! i will be in my studio between now and january. i have to get a babysitter to help with the kids or it will be impossible to finish my paintings. i will be posting some of these paintings on my blog so stay tuned!
crunch just crawled in my lap with an unsolicited hug and a kiss that was as sweet as the frosted mini-wheat's on his breath. gotta go now!!
Love, Liz

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