Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dr. P

i, along with crunch and butter, went to my favorite ENT to see about our throats. i love to go there and get my ears cleaned out. i am fascinated by what comes out of my ears! GAG! but,i can actually hear when i leave. i always wonder (hindsight) why i WANT to BETTER hear the crying and fighting? a little bit of deafness that i could turn off and on...would be a plus at this point in my life! peanut and butter had already been to the pediatrician to find that they had combos of viral stuff and strep. So, when i started feeling icky...and crunch had a raging fever...i thought i might have a way to kill two birds with one stone. we would go to the ENT and BOTH be seen.
NOW, let me explain something. I KNOW that I adore my ENT but i had NO idea how much of a response i would get when i POSTED on FACEBOOK that i was going to see Dr. P!
here is what i posted as my status along with the photo of him:
going to dr. P. at 3:00. just look at that face!! i feel better already! yes, i happen to have a photo of my favorite ENT in my files.
7 people put a thumbs up "i like this"
and there are 26 comments!
let me share a few:
he is the best,God love him!
that's classic, liz...was there friday am to see him me some dr. P!
o.k. that is hysterical! i feel like i see him enough, i don't need a photo in my file :)

Why is this man so adored? you might ask. well first of all, look at him! he is a character! one that could definitely be written into a comic or cartoon. the "knowing" smile. the glasses! the big silver thingie on his head. the bow ties!!! o my! you gotta love it! he is more than an ENT. he is the source for everything you need to know that is happening in society. he knows EVERYBODY and has sucked the snot out of all the big wigs in town! he has a MASSIVE art collection. if you ask him he will give you a tour through the back rooms of his office and show you all of the incredibly valuable art there! i have invited myself over to his house PLENTY of times to see more but that has never ended in an actual invitation!
it is hilarious when you go to him because when he examines you he gets a SHOCKED look on his face, his mouth drops open, EVERY TIME he looks in any of the three orifices that he specializes in (ears, nose and throat). HE WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT YOU HAVE! he just shakes his head and either goes for the sucking device or gets out his prescription pad. if you ask him what your diagnosis is he says, "You ah sick" (deep suthen accent). then he sends a nurse in and before you know it you have a shot on your butt cheek and a script in hand. you are then sent to check out. this is where you can ask the receptionist your diagnosis! "OHHHHHH, strep? really? OK. can i have a dumdum?"
He asked butter where he goes to school. then after getting a 6 year old mumbled answer he leaned down and said "I went to 'double u and elll' do you know where that is? it is in Lexington Virginia". butter just smiled, i think because you can't help it when you look at him. he was great with crunch and every time he would try and slide out of the exam chair dr. P would say, "now, i am not finished with you yet, sit back up, now lemme see your ears, wow what FABULOUS ears you have". butter, crunch and i left the office with smiles on our faces, a few prescriptions, and blue raspberry "dumdums".

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