Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My sis and bro-in law have been living in our wonderful and cozy basement for a few weeks. their house was not ready to move in to and they needed some temporary lodging. "cheeto and sassy" (my kids call them) are super easy to have around. they come in and out with little noise, it is fun for me because my sister is around and we get to hang out. cheeto is awesome and the kids think he is freakin' SUPERMAN. they attack him with hugs and love, and sword swats. they chunk toys at him.... which he catches and chunks back at them. he wrestles with them which is as great as SIX FlAGS without any lines! once, they even helped us clean the house. that was good. they are pretty easy house guests...and if i did not miss walking around the house in my birthday suit so much i would say they could stay forever. well, that was UNTIL they were STOLEN outright by my mother. and now there is a small battle for the "hosting" position.
SEE, they had to leave for the weekend to make room for my in-laws. we waved goodbye to them for THREE NIGHTS and sent them over to my parent's house. SEE Y'ALL IN THREE NIGHTS. well.....they have disappeared. into the abyss of my mother and her "BREAKFAST MEALS"...and her "LAUNDRY SERVICE" and her "WHAT DO Y'ALL WANT FOR DINNER BECAUSE I AM GOING TO THE STORE AND YOU CAN JUST TELL ME AND I WILL BUY IT AND COOK IT UP ALL NICE AND YUM YUM FOR THE BOTH OF YOU!!!"
Mother, i know you are reading this and you are SHAMELESSSSSSSSSSS!
my sister actually told me that there were more perks over there and they were going to stay over there for a while. OUCH. that stings a bit and if i have to make a breakfast burrito or two i will to get them back.
the battle is ON....MOTHER!
right now our basement still houses ALL of their hanging clothes and if they think that they can just LEAVE them here and come and go as they please to change out clothes WELL......they can't because i am going to WEAR YOUR CLOTHES, SASSY! OH YEA, I said it! OH YES I Di-id. So, come home to the place that was THERE FOR YOU from the beginning of the construction and destruction of your house. we are here. missing you. come back to the stomping over your head, the early morning wake-up calls, the late night wine and theological discussions. the PRECIOUS discussions with butter about star wars and all of the characters. the admiration of an 8 year old that thinks her aunt is miley cyrus herself. AND let us not forget the constant entertainment by a delusional 4 year old that is SURE he IS the one and only SPIDERMAN.
Cheeto and Sassy, we give you THREE MORE DAYS (on your "vacation")to come to your senses and return before we change the locks.


  1. Well, I must say that my wife and I disagree here on the pros and cons of our temp housing. I must be very careful here. Being the people pleaser that I am, I find myself in a bit of a predicament.
    I must say the dinner we were treated to Friday night and the one that was cooked for us Saturday were quite satisfying. The deFuniaks definitely know their way to our hearts. Besides the occasional Auburn comment there is shared love for Alabama football. And most of all Fox fully equips you with insight and equipment for any circumstance you may have throughout your day. That there is worth staying for.
    Sara doesn't experience the cons that I experience. I have a longer drive to the job site (both work and our future home). The bed there is slightly more comfortable making it harder to get up in the morning.
    Overall great hospitality and lots of love.

    A few obvious: location, construction consultant, construction equipment, a full basement with our own view of the trampoline.
    Other things-coming home to crunch with his classic naked superman in a cape look while drinking a gallon of Milos tea from the jug. Having two dogs bark non stop about ABSOLUTELY nothing is music to my ears. And lastly, having RICO put on your head while enjoying a Landgren special (cheeseburger and tator tots) is something I only hope to experience in my own home one day.
    Liz forcing me to drink a glass of wine and talk about life. Having to walk across Home Alone Booby Traps in the dark on the way to shower in the morning. Not knowing if I will be locked out or not.

    Overall, a very exciting place. Lots of fun and very convenient.

    On a serious note, we have been extremely blessed to have such gracious family members take us in the way our family has. In an anxious and stressful time our family has provided love, sweat, inconvenient life style, and genuine care for us individually and our marriage. As I shared with a good friend last week about how indebted I was to all my friends and family for the hours and hours they have spent on our house and how it drained me to think about how we will ever repay all these people, he reminded me of the gospel and the way it was being played out in our life. He reminded me that these people have been Christ to us. Sara and I don't deserve the help we have gotten and are not capable of repaying all the people that have helped. In the end we are brought to our knees and are compelled to do for others what has been done for us. Thanks for all that you are to us. We love you all very much and I apologize for this getting all serious.

    Roll Tide

  2. cheeto, thank you for the kind words. we were going to give you the dogs for a parting gift/housewarming. also, can you go back in the post and edit out our names since i have been real careful to give us all nicknames and now you have outed us. no biggie. we love you too and it is ok to get emotional when you are talking about your favorite extended family. you can come back if you want to but i am still wearing sassy's clothes, xcept for the white parachute pants.

  3. PS. Chris, if you ever arrive at the L's when a babysitter's present, please inform her you're not just there to drink their wine...