Saturday, October 24, 2009

show and tell

peanut and butter had a day off from school. so, we piled into the stink-mobile to take crunch to pre-school (30 minutes late). seeing that peanut had brought RICO, we thought it would be fun for crunch to show the hamster for "show and tell" to his class. he was king for the morning, RICO the hamster was sweet and did not bite anyone, we got pictures and then i read to the class (because i do voices). the only bad part was that i actually had to put my own child in time-out because he was NOT interested in the book and was covering his neighbor's eyes and poking him in the face. i guess crunch is used to my "voices" and was not impressed by them anymore. when we picked him up from school in the afternoon they said he had his best day yet. i do not if it was the fact that he got in trouble with me in front of his friends, or if he was just excited that we let him show RICO OR maybe he is growing out of his naughty ways, let's pray for that!

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