Wednesday, October 14, 2009

fashion tips in a "crunch"

i am sitting here on the computer when i need to be getting ready to take the boy to pre-school. the fight will begin about what to wear and i guess i am procrastinating. Crunch will want to wear his whithering spiderman costume that has no zipper and i have to fasten with a safety pin. i will say, YOU ARE GOING TO SCHOOL AND YOU HAVE TO WEAR SCHOOL CLOTHES! I know that i need to be consistent, it's just that sometimes i care if he is wearing a spiderman costume with permanent skid marks on the butt and sometimes i just DON'T CARE. i think this is JUST fine! the sign of a good mother is not what the kid is wearing but if they are happy and loved.
phone rings...............................................................
MY dear friend "uny" just called and came to pick crunch up EARLY for school! so, i threw some pants on him (cow print size 3 too small). these are my FAVORITE pants, i can't let go of em, and now they are capri's. in the summer they will be shorts. GOOD RULE OF THUMB for busy moms: the shirt they sleep in is their shirt for the next day! it eliminates about 2 minutes and a fight for what they WANT to wear. this being said, crunch has on a long sleeved grey t-shirt with a big yellow rectangle sticker that is upside down and says "E W ELEMENTARY VISITOR." he pulled it off yesterday's shirt and slapped it on this one! oh, he's got his cowboy boots on too! all day long, people might think that he dressed himself when in fact, it was me all along! ha!
the house is quiet now, i am fighting my urge to go back to bed!
coffeeeeeeeee! please work! too much to do!

Your hands made me and formed me; give me your understanding to learn your commands. may those who fear you rejoice when they see me, for i have put my hope in your word. Psalm 119:73

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